Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates are a 4/6-piece group based in San Francisco, USA and Birmingham, UK.

Please enable images to see artist photoIn late 2013, Last Tape Recordings of San Francisco released the group’s debut album — “The Fates.” Which features a hand-lithographed sleeve by designer/artist Rex Ray (David Bowie etc.)

On The Fates, The Unfortunates are joined on electric guitar by Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Eno, Robert Wyatt). The record is produced by Eric Drew Feldman (Capt. Beefheart, P.J. Harvey, Pixies). Eric also plays the pump organ and the mellotron and frequently plays live with the group.

In September 2013, Metal Postcard Records of Hong Kong released the group’s 45 “Minotaur/Bad Blood.”

Matthew Edwards relocated to the UK in late 2013 where he now has a UK version of the Unfortunates and is playing band and solo shows.

In November 2014, ‘The Fates’ had an official release (CD/download etc.) worldwide on Metal Postcard Records. The group are playing shows and festivals throughout the UK in 2015. Plus, California dates in September.

The group are currently (February 2015) recording their follow-up to “The Fates” provisionally titled “Folklore” at John Rivers (Felt, The Specials) Woodbine Street Studio in Leamington, England


‘****’ Mojo January 2015 ‘”The Fates is a great record, blessed with snags of understated charm, originality and pure lambent beauty”

4/5 Shindig Magazine December 2014

“The Fates rolling wordplay recalls Kevin Ayers; all wry wit and melancholy” 7/10 Uncut December 2014

“An altogether striking record” – Bucketful of Brains, November 2014

“An album rich with the intricacies of human experience” – StereoEmbers, October 2014

“Baskets of shoes in a railroad flat” is a wonderfully evocative and precise image in a sparsely narrated song, and both this and ‘Accident’ have the quality of a Scott Fitzgerald short, bookending the album with themes of how things were better before. “Once we were alone and had a place of our own, before the good times tore us apart, The Quietus

Skye Bailey

Please enable images to see artist photoPlease enable images to see artist photoRay Charles is more than a legend, he is infamous. Ray had 12 children. Only one of his children is a performing artist, Sheila Ray Charles. Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film Records was working with Sheila Ray Charles to write a hit for her to break into country music.

The song was written on facts from Ray Charles’ life and his life with his daughter, Sheila Ray Charles. Ray used to go to Wiley Pitts Red Wing Cafe and use the piano to play all day. Ray used to say, “there was nothing below him except the ground.”

Sheila Ray Charles followed in her Dad’s footsteps and was an addict for 20 years. Sheila is now performing around the world as a Christian artist and has her life back. But she can’t stop loving her Dad, Ray Charles.

The version you are listening to was sung by Skye Bailey and this was her first take.

Crimson Chrysalis

Please enable images to see artist photoTwo years after the release of their critically acclaimed album, “Crimson passion cry”, South African Symphonic rock band Crimson Chrysalis returns with “Enraptured”. Featuring eleven original tracks and a CC-rendition of the 80’s Alice Cooper hit “Poison”, “Enraptured” may very well be the defining moment in Crimson Chrysalis’ musical career.

“Although there are various musical influences on the album, we again did not write to fit into a specific genre. We just wrote what felt and sounded good to us. When I compose the music of a song, the lyric determines where the song will go musically” (Rene van den Berg). “Enraptured” is as diverse as their debut album, but the golden Crimson Chrysalis thread still runs through it.

A central theme on the album is grace. We wanted an album title that reflects grace, not only in our lives and music, but also displays something of our infinite wonder of grace all around us. “Enraptured” seemed a natural choice, not only because it describes our own intimate relationship with the music, but with the rhythm of life as well.

The same creators that were responsible for “Crimson passion cry” created “Enraptured”. Rene still fronts the band and composes the music, while Esther Slabbert again wrote all the lyrics of the songs. “Conceptually we wrote a better album, because I knew exactly what I wanted to write” (Esther Slabbert). The production is enormous, but brilliantly engineered to a rich, velvet tapestry of sound. The powerful, wall-of-sound music Crimson Chrysalis is known for, are even bigger this time around. Enlarging their live string ensemble, and adding live brass, they managed to up their game to the next level.

The last track on the album is a cover version of the Alice Cooper hit, “Poison”. “Our management suggested that I cover a song 20-odd plus years old. It was important to us to choose something that will naturally slot into the CC sound. The idea was not to simply redo the song, but rather to CC the song completely (Rene van den Berg).

Stephen Wrench and friends formerly with Lynyrd Skynyrd , Molly Hatchet

Please enable images to see artist photoStephen Wrench has worked with many artists over the years and has many friends. On this song formerly with Lynyrd Skynyrd is Artimus Pyle, Randall Hall . Also on this song is founding member of Molly Hatchet Banner Thomas.

It’s a real simple song that describes one of the world’s favorite past times “Smoking Pot” and what happens before , during and after. Just a fun song that really kicks in after 1:00

SOS to the Universe

Please enable images to see artist photo“Chronicling an odyssey across the highest mountains and darkest valleys of American music, 9 to 3 sounds like a love letter from Mathur to each of his favorite musicians.” – The Big Takeover Magazine

“Chronicling an odyssey across the highest mountains and darkest valleys of American music, 9 to 3 sounds like a love letter from Mathur to each of his favorite musicians.” – The Big Takeover Magazine

“Hooked from the first track” – Gigband

“Brilliantly catchy“ – All What’s Rock

“Truly a master” – Windsor Square

“His sound and amazing songwriting are as good as they can get” – AWR Magazine

“An amazing amount of originality, creativity and rich conventional wisdom Mathur has to offer” wrote Cyrus Rhodes of IMD about India-born and Switzerland based singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur. Melissa Arditti of Windsor Square went even further to attribute Ajay as “a talented singer/songwriter who is truly a master of his craft”. Indeed Ajay’s albums come “with a fresh sound and an entertaining vibe that makes a real connection with music fans” as Michael Rand of All What’s Rock precisely put it. ‘9 to 3′ follows Ajay Mathur’s previous successful releases of ‘A Matter of Time’ (2011) and ‘Come See Conquer’ (2013) which have enjoyed excellent reviews and acknowledgements in the international media, top-rankings on internet radio playlists, chart ranking on Americana (AMA) radio charts, four award-winning singles including ‘Communicate’ which was a finalist in the 2011 Show Me the Music song-writing contest and ‘Easy’ as a finalist in the 2012 Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition and over a million fans and listeners worldwide. Janne Zawa of Indie Artists Alliance sums it up; “It is very clear that Ajay’s talents are far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and, simply put, this guy is a pure genius of his musical craft”.

“The beauty of Mathur is Mathur himself. I believe this man feels every word he sings” wrote Jennifer Hertzler of Gigband recently about Ajay and admits “I’m hooked from the first track”. With a worldwide following and his continuous successes as an artist, Ajay’s new album ‘9 to 3’ has all the ingredients to take his career to a new level of success.

Smokey Robinson Gets His Boots On To Support America’s Military

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Heavyweight to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award, Thanks Veterans for the Freedom to Pursue his Dreams

Boot Campaign announced today that legendary singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson joined the esteemed list of more than 400 celebrities getting their “boots on” to support the 1.4 million men and women serving in our armed forces today. In his official “boot shoot,” Robinson donned a pair of Boot Campaign signature combat boots and flashed his iconic smile for the camera. As he prepares to be honored for his prolific music career at this year’s BET Awards, Robinson is sharing his appreciation for the sacrifices service members make to keep himself and all of us free to achieve our dreams.

“I’m wearing my boots today for all our troops around the world, and especially those who have given their lives and their limbs,” Robinson said. “I feel really good about wearing my boots to give thanks to those who are protecting our nation. I’m honored.”

Boot Campaign Chief Operating Officer Joey Jones (USMC Ret.) had this to say about Robinson joining the Boot Campaign movement: “Our country has very few living legends in culture, as well as music, such as Smokey. Having him take hours of his day to come to us and put these boots on to show his personal support for our military and veteran communities was really an amazing show of patriotism and embodies what we are attempting to do at Boot Campaign.”

The BET network will present the legendary artist with a lifetime achievement award at the 15th Annual BET Awards airing June 28 at 8 p.m. P/C. With a music career spanning 50 years, Robinson is one of the most celebrated artists in music history, credited with largely influencing the development of Motown Records and penning more than 4,000 songs. His list of professional accolades is long, including Kennedy Center Honors, the Grammy Living Legend Award, NARAS Achievement Award, the National Medal of Arts Award 2002 presented by President George W. Bush and has been inducted into both the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. Even with the distinctions and decades of adoration from fans around the world, Robinson expressed his own admiration for the men and women of our armed forces who pave the way for our pursuit of happiness.

With Robinson’s support, the Boot Campaign mission to promote patriotism, raise awareness of veterans’ issues and provide assistance for military families of all generations will reach an even greater audience and help even more deserving heroes. The music mogul’s bold display of gratitude for service members is deeply appreciated by both Boot Campaign and the military community, and is just another reason he’s one of America’s favorite icons.

About Boot Campaign Established in 2009, Boot Campaign is a national 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting patriotism for America and our military community; raising awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and providing assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families. Retail sales of combat boots, apparel and mission-focused merchandise, general public donations and corporate sponsorships fund programs that support military families. These efforts extend to all generations of military personnel who endure significant physical, emotional and circumstantial hardships resulting from their service and sacrifice. Visit to learn more and give back.

Mark Ruebery

Please enable images to see artist photoQUOTES

BBC Radio 2: Aled Jones with good morning Sunday – Yes Mark a beautiful song, sung beautifully

Radio Cardiff – That was brilliant!!

Radio Middlesex – I really liked that track.

Indie Music Magazine  – An absolute must listen! The hook is catchy enough to stay in your head for days.

Whisperin and Hollerin magazine  – Her Smile is sure set to be a hit.

Buzzjacks magazine –  Absolutely loving this. Just what you need on a Friday.

Music Muso magazine – its impossible to keep your toes from tapping when listening to this track

Vents Magazine  A feel good jazzy number


Mark’s life is the stage. He has been gigging since he was 12 years old. He started out with his father driving him around local small Welsh towns as he performed in workman halls and run down pubs. These experiences along with his natural talent later earned him a place at the prestigious  Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Now he performs all over the World from New York to Shanghai to packed thousand seater auditoriums. He has played at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool and headlined at the 2010 Ryder Cup. He has played with Ronan Keating, Robbie Williams and supported Andy Fairweather Low.

Mark’s first original album ‘Because of You’ was recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios and was officially released by LPW Records Ltd. It received airplay on BBC Radio 2 and had multiple plays on BBC Radio Wales as album/single of the week.

Following on from this success, Mark is about to tour his new album ‘One Night One Chance’. This album is a throwback to his College days and his diverse musical influences. ‘One Night One Chance’ crosses over musical boundaries by combining modern Pop with classic Jazz standards to create instantly catchy upbeat songs. It also mixes R&B beats into lyrical music in the emotive writing style of the firstalbum.

Please enable images to see artist photo

Harry Tietjen

Please enable images to see artist photoHarry Tietjen

#1 on National Airplay Top 60 Independent Chart 4/25/2015,

#1 on National Airplay Top 50 Rock Chart 4/25/2015,

#23 on National Airplay Top 50 Adult Contemporary 4/25/2015 with his first single-release “I´m Coming Home”.

Now he releases his second single “Now I´m Free”.

Harry has won several „Deutscher Rock und Poppreis” awards. Best Folkrock-Singer 2008, Best Pop-Singer 2009, Best Arrangement 2010.


Harry Tietjen

“The greatest adventure I ever experienced as a musician was back in the 80’s when I left Hamburg to go travelling with no plan as to when I would return.”

“In Morocco, I invested my money putting a band together. Here it was obvious that we could earn good money as musicians. However, after three months the money ran out before the band could really take off. Then it hit me, why not solo performances in hotel bars and at Moroccan family celebrations, after all English cover songs were all the rage.”

“I was most fascinated by the extremes in daily life. One day, singing accompanied by lively guitar in the middle of corrugated iron ghetto for enthusiastic pop fans and the next, playing piano in a luxury hotel followed by a sumptuous 4-course menu for polite society.”

“Or sometimes people would simply & politely ask me if I could play something on my guitar play whilst sitting in a cafe. The music was ever present then as it is now and with an equally strong connection. People invited me home to their families and told me their life stories”.

Harry Tietjen started making music at a very early age, playing both piano & guitar and vocals. With 17 he gave his first concerts in France and later in Switzerland, Portugal and other countries.

At 20, he and his band “Harry ‘s Gang”, won first prize in the North German singer competition.

At the beginning of the 80’s, Harry and a friend built a music club ”The Castle” in an old Art Nouveau villa near Hamburg. After 2 exciting years at the “rock and roll club” the travelling years began.

In the 90’s, Harry founded the “Come Together Studio” in Hamburg, producing bands like Inusa Dawuda, King Kurlee, Sandra King, Lightman and others

Ashley Baker

Please enable images to see artist photoAshley started her career at 15 years old with the lead female role in the independent film “The Old Livingston House” in which her first single “Summer Daze” was featured.

“Summer Daze” got picked up by IRCountry Radio Network out of Dallas and went straight to #1 on their request chart. It has since gone on to be the 3rd most requested song of all time on the network.  She then cut “Bye Bye” and “What a Day to Shake a Heartache” which caught the attention of  The Consortium Group in Nashville who have worked with such names as Billy Joel, The Judd’s, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Aldean, Thompson Square and Band Perry and were instrumental in founding Broken Bow Records.

Ashley went back into the studio and cut “Country Girls Rock” which went to #1 on Hot Country 102.9 in North Carolina, 76 Country in Branson, MO and entered the top 50 on Real Country Radio in Tokyo, Japan. Ashley’s “Country Girls Rock” was the only independent picked by All Country 99.9 Radio in France along with 15 other United States country songs for the launch show when they changed their format to country, all of the other songs were artists signed on major labels. “Country Girls Rock” hit the TOP 5 in sales in Modern Country

HIGHLIGHTS: Appeared as female lead in the film “The Old Livingston House” Single “Summer Daze” reached # 1 on IRCOUNTRY RADIO NETWORK Single “Country Girls Rock” climbed to #1 on HOT COUNTRY 102.9 and 76 COUNTRY Radio Single “Might Be Today” wins AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARD for BEST SONG Single “Country Girls Rock” reaches TOP 5 SALES on CDBABY Signed multi-year recording contract with UK based BILLBERG ENTERTAINMENT LTD

Won Episode #1 of the new TV Series “DO I HAVE A HIT SONG” with “GOD WINKS”

Musik Radio Promotions Presents Earl Parker

Please enable images to see artist photo  Earl Parker

Country, Rock, Americana, Pop, Variety

United States

Wild Bull Records

Click Here

Earl Parker / Tabitha Music PRS

“We all hit Emotional Walls from time to time, this is a song about how that happens!”

Parker’s songs receive airplay around the world from Europe to Australia, New Zealand, & Japan, and have charted in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, & The United Kingdom. He is the author of the books Vampyre Blood-Eight Pints of Trouble, and The Subatomic Kid, he is also an award winning filmmaker whose work has been shown at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.