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Musik Radio Promotions Presents Brent Daniels Genre Country Location United States Label Independant

Please enable images to see artist photoBrent Daniels began singing when he was able to talk and first began playing the guitar at the age of 7. His career path took a different turn towards electronics. However, as Brent would sing on his job sites, he was constantly asked, “Why aren’t you pursuing a musical career”?

Brent came to the conclusion that a lot of kind people were behind him that wanted to see his musical aspirations become a reality, “So I put down my voltage meter as an electrician..Picked up a microphone..and dusted off my guitar”.

Then three years ago Brent got a break. Robyn Robins (the founding member of Bob Seger & The silver bullet band) discovered him through one of his best friends at the university. Robyn instantly recognized a different kind of voice.

That’s “Something” that couldn’t be heard in many others he had auditioned and produced. Robyn’s advice, “Good singers come and go in this business, but great singers will stand the test of time” was taken to heart and a plan developed to record an album, “Every Road Has A Turn”.

The album was recorded with some of the best players in Nashville including .Lee Hendricks, Eric Church’s bass player’; Steve Hinson Steel guitar for Randy Travis and Troy Lancaster…Tim McGraw’s guitar player.

This first release on the album “My First Friday Night”, was written by hit song writer, Dallas Davidson. Brent instantly felt the personal aspect of this song in the way it related to his first love. His voice brought a special delivery to the song that reaches to the heart.

Brent’s motivation is the joy of making someone smile “when they hear my songs”. He titled the album “Every Road Has A Turn” as it fits the time in his life right now. Brent say, I’m stepping out on a new road..That I always knew was out there”.

Nick Dakota

Please enable images to see artist photoMusik Radio Promotions presents Nick Dakota

Genre: Country, Rock Location: United States

Label: Independant

Nick Dakota has been singing and playing in bands since he was 16.  “Every year something significant comes through for me that leads to greater and greater opportunity”, he says.

This year, Nick was fortunate to have Robyn Robins (of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band) produce his current album. Robyn believes highly in the talents of Nick and the future of his music career. “We feel Nick has great potential. The songs, vocal delivery and overall production are great”, quotes Robyn.

This album definitely defines the meaning of top quality production.. The fidelity speaks for itself. The album was recorded with some of the best players in Nashville including Lee Hendricks (Eric Church’s bass player), Steve Hinson(steel guitar for Randy Travis) and Troy Lancaster (Tim McGraw’s guitar player).

The goal of the project was to create a multi genre, listener friendly album, with lyrics and musical  content ringing true to any listener.  This first single, “How Cool is That”, achieved that goal with the help of hit songwriters, L. Hengber and S. Williams.

Nick is now spending alot of time in his personal studio in Saugituck,MI writing and preparing for his next album due to begin in March 2015. To stay sharp, he also plays the occasional showcase to keep his live chops up for touring.

Nick says, “singing and playing has stuck with me to that point in your life when it’s time to decide a career”.  Nick is sticking with his vision and following his dream.

Ronny Morris

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Musik Radio Promotions
Ronny Morris

Rokc, Pop, Adult Contemporary


Morris Music / Lifted House.

Morris, Reservoir Media Affiliation: Koda / Ascap

Danish singer-songwriter Ronny Morris debut new alt-rock single “I’ll Survive”. After seeing his music in major TV shows like One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters and the Ghost Whisperer the Danish artist new single marks Morris’ latest release with Danish label/publishing group and Reservoir partner Lifted House, with whom Ronny signed as a writer last year.
About the single, Morris says, “A few years back I was invited to record a charity single in support of the families for the 2004 Indian Ocean-tsunami victims together with band members from Small Faces and Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones. I was deeply touched about their personal stories and great losses, that I somehow had to find a outlet for all these emotions. I guess ‘I´ll Survive’ came out of that.”
“I’ll Survive” was recorded in Stockholm and New York and produced by Adam Kviman (Eagle Eye Cherry) and Brian Sperber (Moby, 3 Doors Down). In addition to the main edit, several remixes will be made available, including cuts by Sidelmann and Michael A.M.
Morris shot the music video for “I’ll Survive” in New York on Super 8 with Danish director and photographer Thomas Fryd. Check it out  on YouTube


Matt Makaha

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Musik Radio Promotions presents Matt Makaha

Adult Contemporary, Country, Americana, College

United States



David Kimo Chong ASCAP

“Matt Makaha is a Hawaii-based singer/songwriter.  In 2007, he had his song “I almost said I loved you” placed in the ABC TV soap opera “One Life To Live.” He has songs licensed to Louar Music, IFMP, Platinum Music (UK), Daddy Jack Music, Pump Audio, and Scorekeepers Music.  He writes both vocal and instrumental pieces in the genres of Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Metal, and Jazz.  “

Tod Hughes

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Musik Radio Promotions presents Tod Hughes

Singer Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Rock, Country


Musik and Film

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Tod Hughes / SOCAN

Tod Hughes Quotes and Reviews


“Hughes clearly establishes himself as an important new talent.”

Skope Magazine

“they certainly serve notice of Tod Hughes’ songwriting skills”


“We need more simple albums. On his debut EP Changin’ Gears, Tod Hughes dispenses with eardrum busting production, elaborate song structures, and strident theatricality. He presents listeners with six straightforward songs written about subjects drawn from everyday life and musically tailored along similar lines. The Canadian based singer/songwriter’s gifts are real. He has discernment enough to pull back on the reins enough to entertain audiences instead of letting his self-indulgence fly, but he has a talent for twisting and uncovering illuminating turns of phrase. “

Vents Magazine

“There is a higher intelligence presiding over these songs, but it informs the artistry; it’s the hand behind the curtain. “

‘there’s a refreshing amount of humor throughout the album”


Tod Hughes hails from Calgary, Canada where he lives with his family.  Tod writes real music that comes from the heart, stories of love, hurt, happiness, fear, disappointment and fun.  A message of hope is thread through the stories, which are at times very serious and other times a bit tongue in cheek.  The toe tapping melodies and memorable choruses will stick in your mind for days after hearing them.  They are told with truth and respect.

“Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place” is the first single to be released from Tod’s new album “Time Slow Down”.  This is Tod’s first full length album, and is a follow up to his debut EP, “Changing Gears”.  One song on the first album, “Brad’s Song”, (which was written for Tod’s brother who passed away after battling cancer and paralysis), went to number 2 on radio charts in Louisiana, and the album charted in the US and enjoyed significant radio play worldwide.  The album was also picked up for TV by the Discovery Channel, NASCAR Station and others.

The new album continues with the theme of real music, played by real people with little in the way of digital interference.  The musicians on the new album are the regular folks that play live with Tod.

Tod has his own unique style of performing and writing and he draws inspiration from the honesty of songs written by the great storytellers of our time, men like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.  Tod loves to have fun and to share these stories live, and along with his band puts on a high energy, compelling live show, which resonates with folks of all ages.

Nashaat Salman

Please enable images to see artist photoMusik Radio Promotions
Nashaat Salman

Jazz, Electronica, Dance


Universal Melodies

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Nashaat Salman is a film and multimedia music composer, instrumentalist and orchestrator. Salman’s career spans over two decades and he has composed music for a few programs for Radio, Television and other multimedia projects. His Universal Melodies project was launched in 2015 with the release of the first (Universal Melodies Vol.1)EP album

Music doesn’t have to be your primary job in order to be your life’s passion. Nashaat Salman works through his days as an engineer and business manager in Zurich, Switzerland. When he’s not pursuing his professional endeavors is when his musical side emerges and he puts his skills as a composer, arranger, and performer to their full use.

Nashaat Salman’s music is also fueled by a drive to make music that can be heard, felt, and appreciated across continents and cultures
In accordance with his views, Nashaat doesn’t classify his songs by genre or himself by a specific musical identity. His music blends elements of Eastern and Western influence with electronica and orchestral themes, depending on what suits the song. There’s no escaping the label of world music, but Nashaat distinguishes himself within the genre by staying true to his vision of blending cultures and making his music as cross-cultural as possible.

Although his musical career has spanned the course of two decades, resulting in numerous compositions for radio, television, and other projects, 2015 is a very important year for Nashaat. In July of 2015 he launches his first EP in what will be a long-running, multi-volume project entitled, Universal Melodies. As the name implies, this project will be a culmination of his musical work and world vision, bringing an experience to listeners that transcends genres and cultures.

One world, one cultural blend, and one main goal of bringing happiness to everyone. This is the vision behind Nashaat Salman’s compositions. Whether he’s writing the score to a film scene or constructing an instrumental passage for his Universal Melodies project, Nashaat is thinking about a global community and making something that can reach and affect everyone.

Burak Yeter with Delaney Jane

Please enable images to see artist photoBurak Yeter’s first collaboration with Delaney Jane, “Reckless” is highly anticipated to be released the first week of 2016.

Burak Yeter is turning a new page fulfilling his new concept with his new album entitled, New World. His first single is being brought to life with the very talented Delaney Jane.

The Official Music Video to the single “Reckless” has been filmed and produced in the Butterfly Valley of Antalya, Turkey and the Greek Islands. During that time four different remixes were made with this single by Ricky Mears, Lucas & Steve, Mango Ibiza.

At the age of 22, Yeter came into recognition by winning Burn & MTV Dance Heat DJ Contest 2004. He performed at MTV Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta as a result. The same year, he came second in Miller Master Dj Contest, earning himself a respectable place in EDM scene.

Yeter’s debut album, For Action was released under the record label DSM in 2005. The album is his first solo DJ album to be released worldwide.

In 2007 his second album, For Message Vol 2 was released in support of raising awareness of global warming.

Yeter signed a contract with the world renown audio company Pioneer in 2008, and opened DJ schools in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Los Angeles, giving professional education. Burak Yeter, is the CEO of Connection Records DJ School and has developed nearly 2000 certified students to this day.At the age of 22, Yeter came into recognition by winning Burn & MTV Dance Heat DJ Contest 2004. He performed at MTV Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta as a result. The same year, he came second in Miller Master Dj Contest, earning himself a respectable place in EDM scene.

French Circus Drops Elephant Act After Abusive Past Emerges But Film That Used Mistreated Elephant Gets Academy Award Nomination

January 20, 2016, LOS ANGELES, CA – In a dramatic move, Circus Bouglione in France has dropped elephant trainer Lars Holscher following protests and negative publicity after Animal Defenders International’s (ADI) undercover video revealed Holscher’s abuse of elephants during his Great Britain tour a few years ago.

ADI’s hidden cameras filmed Holscher’s act in 2009, when he was touring in the Great British Circus with three elephants, Vana Mana, Sonja and Delhi. ADI exposed a staggering level of casual violence, including elephants hit in the face with a metal elephant hook, broom, brush, and pitchfork, and a worker cruelly twisting an elephant’s tail. The elephants are seen and heard on screen afraid, retreating and crying out. Holscher himself was seen striking the elephants with a metal bar, using a small concealed hook to control the elephants during performances, forcing a lame elephant to continue performing and overseeing the chaining of the elephants for 11 hours a day – while the circus claimed they were never chained.

Holscher fled the UK, but has since appeared in at least seven European countries and even supplied an elephant to one of this year’s Academy Award nominees.

Jan Creamer, ADI President: “By their nature, circus acts are able to change location easily and often change the names of acts and the animals they use. We have been shocked with the lack of background scrutiny that circuses and filmmakers employ when hiring animal acts. With ADI’s Watch List we work to ensure that trainers and suppliers can’t escape their abusive history.”

While Holscher was touring with Cirkus Scott in Sweden, Vana Mana (then known as Ghandi) joined the set of the Felix Herngren comedy ‘The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared.’ Co-produced by Buena Vista International Sweden, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company Nordic, the film has been nominated for a 2016 Academy Award for Makeup and Hairstyling.

When Cirkus Scott became aware of the abuse Vana Mana and her companion Sonja (known as Baby) endured, they announced they would stop using wild animals altogether, after 76 years of doing so.

This ADI footage was already in the public domain along with a damning report by experts, including Professor Donald Broom, MA, PhD, ScD Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare Science, Cambridge University; Samantha Lindley, BVSc. MRCVS, Edinburgh University, veterinary expert, behaviorist; Dr Joyce Poole, expert in elephant welfare and communication; and Simon JR Adams, BSc, BVMS, MRCVS, zoo & wildlife veterinarian. Still, Holscher continued to use the elephants.

At the time, Dr Mel Richardson, a renowned wild animal vet with 40 years experience with captive elephants, noted: “Sonja, Vana Mana, and Delhi are being caused unnecessary suffering…. the day-to-day existence of these elephants is a living hell….. LH Hölscher is not using the bull hook [ankus] as a guide to communicate his desire for the elephant to move up or move back or stand still (steady). He is using it as a club to beat the animal. He is inserting the hook into the ear and on the ear flaps to torment the poor animal with maximum effect for the least effort on his part.”

In the United States, Have Trunk Will Travel became America’s most notorious elephant act supplier after an ADI undercover investigation in California revealed staff beating, hooking, and electric shocking the elephants to force them to perform tricks. The company had supplied Hollywood films including Water for Elephants, Zookeeper, and Operation Dumbo Drop.

Most facilities in California have severed links with the company, including fairs and zoos that employed Have Trunk Will Travel to give rides, but last year the company trekked elephants across the country to Southwick’s Zoo in Massachusetts.

Jan Creamer said, “These trainers use such abusive techniques because the elephants never forget, trainers then rely on seemingly harmless gestures in public to control animals who know all too well what will happen if they disobey. This is a national problem because these acts move from state to state with ease. ADI’s Watch List will provide a valuable resource for people wishing to challenge the claims of discredited trainers but we really need the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act to be reintroduced to Congress to eliminate this suffering.”

The Lars Holscher video is the first ADI Watch List video, with more to be released.


Please enable images to see artist photoWildflower- An Alternative Indie/Rock band with a free-spirited 70’s freedom vibe.

A group of six like-minded individuals came together in 2015 to share their musical talents and formed the group, Wildflower. The spark and musical connection was immediate and in less than a year, the group had recorded their first album, “At the Station.” The name, “Wildflower,” was a nickname of lead singer Tiffany’s since childhood and seemed to be a fitting name for the group. To enjoy life and spread their music and love in the direction the wind blows, as does that of a Wildflower.

Tiffany Petrossi, Singer-Songwriter, had written some new music and was eager to share it with a band. Tiffany, Dan and Dee Moe had collaborated on her last, self-titled album, “Caravan,” in 2006-7. Dan’s steady and malleable beat, along with Dee Moe’s melodic but rhythmic bass lines was a perfect fit. Alecia, Paige and Robert came aboard to bring a balance, layers and depth to the music. Paige’s expressive violin, Alecia’s interpretive keys, and Robert’s jam band guitar lead sound help to grow the seed that was planted when they first all jammed together.

The theme of, “At the Station,” is that of transition. We find the characters in the songs searching for direction, getting lost and finding their way. Catching a, “Glimpse,” of what could be. Choosing the path of love and letting their passions and compassion for others help them out of the, “Rabbit Hole,” join the “Caravan of love,” and find themselves at, “The Rainbow Ground.”

Peace~ Wildflower