An Award Winning Movie Depicting A History-Making Case Wins 1st Place In Alaska’s International Film Festival

Ellaville, GA, July 25, 2013 – Recently taking First Place in the Alaska International Film Festival, A Cry for Justice (Triple Horse Studios) is the award-winning movie that tells the riveting true story of Jackie Carpenter’s fight to save her family. Jackie never dreamed her loving son would ever be put on trial for felony murder when all he was doing was defending his worksite from theft, but that’s exactly what happened after his gun accidentally fired and killed one of the men while he was waiting for police to arrive. His trial is being called ‘textbook’ in the annals of legal cases and now professors at some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools are requesting copies of the movie to use as research for their first year law students!

A Cry for Justice tells the gripping story of the ten-month trial and how Jackie’s faith was put to the test during what felt like a terrifying journey to hell and back. Please watch the exciting trailer at: The trailer for this movie has won Award of Excellence in the Best Short Competition and Award of Merit in The Accolade Competition, and has been nominated as Best Picture in the ICVM Crown Awards and entered in the Gideon Film Festival!

“Every day during the first six months of this ordeal I felt as though I was dying, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she says. “I wrestled with the ‘what if’ factor. What if God doesn’t help us? What if God lets Jason go to jail even though he’s innocent? All those ‘what if’ questions weakened my faith. It was only when I stopped doubting and started trusting that I received ‘peace’ and now God is showing me the next piece of the puzzle.”

The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 (Xulon Publishing) is Jackie’s account of the harrowing events following her son’s arrest. It is a story of fear, love, faith and hope, a chronicle of the support Jackie found in Psalm 91 and how she used this prayer of protection to hold her family together as her son fought for his life.

Although Jackie never considered a career as an author, she felt compelled to write a second book to follow the success of The Bridge. Georgia Justice is a story of faith-building, she explains. “It’s a a how-to guide of what it takes to escape from the tightening grips of doubt and depression,” she says. “And then to begin the journey to renewed and strengthened faith, hope, and ultimate victory.”

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For more information on this author and her remarkable story, visit her website at:



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