Scott England “Live It Out” Impacting January 24th

While Atlanta-based recording artist Scott England has been creating music and leading worship in and out of the country for more than a decade, he will be the first to tell you that the act of worshiping God is about much more than the music that he or anyone else creates — it is an entire manor of life.

England’s ministry has always cast a broad net when it comes to aiding in people’s life-long journey with Christ. For him, it has meant glorifying God though music, missions, and by edifying people in one on one times of mentorship. These are just a few various outlets England continues to model promoting the Romans 12 lifestyle of worship.

Scott England’s unique music style and energetic delivery guarantee a concert to remember. His God given ability to lead people into worship is undeniable. His love for music and passion for people make his vision clear; making music, changing lives. The performance speaks for itself. The music speaks to the multitudes.

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Imagine what the world would see if every Christian left the Sunday morning church service and made it their goal to continue their worship and “Live it Out” beyond the walls throughout the week. I started writing “Live it Out” after a season of frustration with my personal walk with the Lord. I realized that often my worshiping God was about me, or the way it made ME feel. It was all about singing songs, feeling good, getting “filled up”, and going about life the rest of the week. We can see this pattern becoming prevalent in much of our corporate gatherings today.

In the book of Romans, chapter 12, Paul challenges us- urges us, because of God’s mercy, to offer OURSELVES as living sacrifices. THIS is our spiritual act of worship. It’s exciting to be a part of a movement where worship music is on the forefront or our Christian culture, and we have to be careful not to compartmentalize “worship” as merely singing or that thing we do during a church service when the band is playing. If WE are the Church, then worship is what happens all week long as the church is living out our response to God’s mercy and love in our work places, homes, schools, and everyday living.

So as we gather as the Church to sing songs of praise and worship, we are reminded to Worship-sing it out loud, but to Worship- go and live it out NOW. The world is desperately looking for authentic examples of Jesus through his followers. It’s our responsibility to go and “Live it Out.”

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