The Future of Mankind: Women Only

West Palm Beach, FL, October 21, 2013 – What happens when NY Times bestselling author Steve Alten’s new thriller, The Omega Project, opens with a Die-Off that wipes out most of mankind, paving the way. . . for women!

In Alten’s thriller, the world’s oil reserves finally run out, leading to war and mass starvation. Who knew that without petroleum used in pesticides, fertilizers, and farm equipment the world’s farms could only produce enough food to feed 500 million people? Well, Peak Oil experts knew, but no one listened, and so 6 billion people end up perishing in an event known as the Great Die-Off.

Three years after, the G.D.O. humanity turns to fusion. Six men and six women are selected for a mission to Europe to mine a rare element required in the mix. A super computer, GOLEM, will oversee the mining operations on Jupiter’s frozen moon, Europa. To prepare for the mission, the crew, along with Ike Eisenbraun, GOLEM’s programmer, train in a habitat beneath the Ross Sea in Antarctica where the crew and a reluctant Ike are to be cryogenically frozen for thirty days to prep for the eight month space flight. The plot takes a sudden turn of events when Ike awakens to find the habitat sinking, the ice gone and 12 million years have passed! Humanity went extinct, evolution has run amok, a new intelligence is in its infancy – and the computer that he programmed to insure humanity’s future has developed a God complex, cloning the female crewmember’s DNA while eliminating men from the equation.

Why men? “Think of things from the computer’s perspective,” says the author. “All wars have been initiated by human males, all religious conflicts, financial crises, drug wars, political corruption, gang violence, the poisoning of the environment, the energy crises – each event can be traced back to the Y chromosome responsible for the male ego. According to GOLEM, testosterone interferes with rational thought necessary for non-violent social skills. I guess you can blame the government shutdown on the male ego as well.”

Publishers Weekly calls The Omega Project “an exuberant thriller.” Barnes & Noble named The Omega Project as one of its top four selections for the summer and reviewers have called it an “epic tale.” Women seem to like it as much as men.

About the author:

Steve Alten, a native of Philadelphia, earned a bachelor’s degree from Penn State, a master’s degree from the University of Delaware, and a doctorate from Temple University. Alten is the bestselling author of the MEG series. The series is an international best seller and Hollywood has purchased the movie rights. Alten is also the founder and director of Adopt-An-Author, a free nationwide teen reading program.

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