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  • Well, the Detroit Tigers got beat by the Twins 6-5 in 12 innings….Duck and Walt now have a season of Red Wings Hockey to mess with their blood pressure…All in All, a good season of the Motor City ball team
  • Cold and Damp outside….really not ready for winter at all, but Mother Nature and Father Time are both pushing it our way *SIGH*…time to break out the damn snow shovel
  • David Letterman’s Ex-girlfriend Stephanie Birkitt reads from her personal diary about her years with the Late Night TV Host…CLICK HERE for more
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  • Duck is looking at new rules the Federal Trade Commission is putting in place starting in December, effecting Radio AND Internet Broadcasters
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Aussie Race Fans Limited to a Mere 24 Cans of Beer Per Day

In an effort to reduce alcohol-related incidents at one of Australia’s most popular auto races, authorities have announced a limit to the number of 12-ounce cans of beer a single fan can bring with them.  It’s 24 cans — a case of beer apiece.  Fans attending the Bathurst 1000 who prefer beer with a lower alcohol content will be allowed 36 cans a day.  Wine lovers are limited to four liters per day during the racing event, which begins this Thursday and runs through Sunday.

  • Google celebrates the 52nd anniversary of the invention of the “Barcode” by changing it’s website logo to a Barcode (We’re thinking it says Goggle, but you never know)….Tomorrow we’ll do the entire Blog in Binary! 011 00010 10 10001 010100 010101 01010001010 101010 10010 10 1 010100 01 01 1111010 111 010 11 101 01!!!!
  • Paula Abdul is hawking her new CD after leaving American Idol….CLICK HERE to learn More
  • Doc~N~Duck have learned that “Hand Signals” need to be much clearer….Sometimes the Hand Signal DOESN’T Mean “You’re #1”

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