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May 27 2009 Zach Lancaster

zach-lancasterZach lancaster was in the studio to play for us just a snipet of the music that he writes, what a great talent he is (even though he is from downstate) haha You can check him out at Lancaster xxxxxxxxxx


May 20 2009 Jeff Krebbs

jeff-krebbsA great big thank you to Jeff Krebbs for stepping in last minute to cover a show for me. Due to a scheduling problem Goofus was unable to make it. All week long I called Jeff my last minute man and he did a great job with all new songs but one, a special request for Chicken Lips. you can contact Jeff at


May 13 2009 Sahl Metevier from Bourbon Sprawl

sahl-metevierSahl Metevier from Jim’s Music here in the original Mqt. Mall was in to share with us some original music of his. If you enjoy Rock & Roll well then you will lov Bourbon Sprawl Check them out at


June 17 2009 Slamtones

SlamtonesLarry Paul and his other brother Paul Fondly known as The Slamtones were in the studio and wowed me with disc from a few years back which also features former lead singer Frank Childress You can get in touch with them at

June 10 2009 Just -4- Fun

Just-4-FunJim Belmore and Bonnie Symons of Just-4-Fun stopped by the studio and brought in an awsome rendition of some cover and original material I really enjoyed this show, hope you did too. you can get ahold of them at

June 3 2009 Kim Bertram

Kim BertramKim came in to share some of his original music. What an awsome talent and a really nice guy. You can contact him by email

May 6 2009 Jeff Jennings

jeffNegaunee native Jeff Jennings was in the studio and brought his pre recorded music for us to hear. I’ve known Jeff for many years and was not surprised at all by his phenominal talent. Any one wanting to pre order his 2009 Christmas CD can contact Beverly Jennings at 906-475-6893