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Michigan Tech Ice Rink Goes Green

Question: What can make both ice and heat and reduce Michigan Technological University’s carbon footprint while doing so?

Answer: Michigan Tech’s new ice-making system at the John J. MacInnes Student Ice Arena.  The ammonia brine-based system not only makes ice for the hockey rink, it heats the rink’s sub-floor, preventing frost from forming under the insulated concrete slab.  Heat generated as the ammonia is compressed to be used as a refrigerant heats 100 percent of the hot water used in the arena and maintains a comfortable water temperature for the nearby swimming pool and dive tank.

Michigan Tech replaced its ice-making system last summer, removing the building’s original Freon 22 direct system and installing an ammonia brine indirect system.

“What you have is the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient system available,” said Mark Rodorigo, owner and CEO of Commercial Refrigeration of Virginia, Minn., which did the initial installation of the new system. “We replaced the Freon R-22, which is an ozone-depleting chemical, with anhydrous ammonia, an all-natural substance. Plus, we’re reclaiming the waste heat. You have reduced your carbon footprint tremendously.”

Locally Developed Scoliosis Surgery Reaches New Success Level

Previously only able to correct 50% of scoliosis symptoms, new locally made technology has greatly improved the correctional surgeries for the common condition to reach 100% correction rates – a huge triumph in technological design.


The new surgical technique, performed by Dr. Matthew N. Songer at Advanced Center for Orthopedics, uses products produced in Marquette at Pioneer Surgical Technology with outstanding results.


Dr. Songer and one of his recent scoliosis surgery patients are available to share more details regarding this story idea, and I’m more than happy to help coordinate interviews.

Source:  Press Release: Advanced Center for Orthopedics