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Dr. Benishek’s Continues “100 in 100” Tour in Escanaba

Local Business Leaders Share Concerns and Ideas to Grow Economy

Escanaba – Dr. Dan Benishek continued his “100 in 100” tour today by visiting 9 small businesses. During the “100 in 100” tour, Dr. Dan will visit 100 small businesses in Northern Michigan in 100 days. Dr. Dan will meet with local business leaders to discuss how the federal government is hampering their ability to grow and what policies would allow them to hire more workers.

“During my ‘100 in 100’ tour, I’ve heard from many small business owners who are concerned about the high cost of energy. Expensive gasoline hurts small businesses, yet this administration still refuses to increase domestic supply by allowing us to explore for oil off our coasts and preventing the Keystone XL pipeline from be built,” said Dr. Dan in front of the BP Amoco Service Gas Station on Ludington. “A lot of these local business owners made it clear, higher energy costs are adversely impacting their ability to grow and create jobs.”

Dr. Dan visited 9 small businesses today, including; East Ludington Gallery, Wickert Floral, Quality Sew & Vac, Pioneer TV & Appliance Inc, Stone Cup Coffee House &
Stones Deli, Saykllys Candy, The Stonehouse of Escanaba and BP Amoco Service Gas Station and Fill Up Gas Tank. The owners pressed the doctor on various issues, but most discussions focused on how the Federal government can help instead of hinder business.

“Dr. Dan’s ‘100 in 100’ tour demonstrates his dedication to listen to small business owners. He recognizes that by helping us he is helping the district grow and be prosperous,” said Dan DeRouin owner of Pioneer TV & Appliances, Inc. “I had a good talk with the doctor about the Federal government’s involvement in the functioning of my company. I made it very clear to him that the less they are involved, the better it is for me.”

Dr. Dan will continue his ‘100 in 100’ tour tomorrow in Petoskey. To date, Dr. Dan has visited 12 small businesses in the first two days of the ‘100 in 100’ tour. Find out more about the doctor’s ‘100 in 100’ tour and his small business plan at