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Hans’ Pick of the Day 5-30-08

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I knew there was a reason I love my brother!! haha šŸ™‚ Today’s pick is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. I still have the CD in my car and crank it often, as well as sing this song at Karaoke on a regular basis it is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! Thanks again Hans for this GREAT Pick Vanilla Ice ICE ICE BABY !!!

Ice Ice Baby

At Least it wasn’t a Yooper 5-30-08

Mr. Cash Burch, 24, was
arrested in Waterloo, Iowa, in April after he broke into a truck and
tried to start it but apparently ran down the battery doing so, which
triggered a theft-prevention device that locked the doors, trapping him
inside, where he was waiting when police arrived.

5:00 Free Ride thanks to Avon 5-30-08

Bon Jovi- Livin on a prayer
Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake – 4 minutes
Toni Basil – Mickey
Kid Rock – All summer long
Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian

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What’s Happening in Hollywood…

It is confirmed, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz (Fallout Boy) are expecting their 1st child. They finally confirmed the rumors that Ashlee is in fact pregnant. The Couple was wed on May 17th in L.A. The bride, who has changed her name to Ashlee Wentz will go by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz professionally. Congrats to the couple on the new bundle of joy and the new marriage!!!


Charlie Sheen is getting married today to real-estate investor Brooke Mueller. Although Denise Richards (Charlie’s ex-wife) will not be attending the event, the ex-couple’s daughters Sam 4, and Lola who will be 3 next month will be attending. Although the ex-couple has had one of the messiest breakups in Hollywood, Denise says that at the end of the day he is still their father, and that she is genuinely happy for the new couple.

5:00 Free Ride

Michael Jackson – The way you make me feel
Mr. Big – To be with you
Duffy – Mercy
Journey – Don’t stop believing
Aha – Take on me

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Hans’ Pick of the Day 5-29-08

Africa by Toto, a good song from 1982. We still have this song on a working 8 track player that we have set up in the garage. Good Pick Hans!!!

Toto – “Africa” Music Video

Landmark Inn Trivia 5-29-08

How many guest rooms were there originally at the Hotel Northland – todays Landmark Inn?

If you know call me at 906-227-7777 or *102 from your AT&T Cell phone

The Answer is…

Hans’ Pick of the day…

Here’s his pick of the day for Wednesday May 28th. It’s Tears for Fears, Everybody wants to rule the World. Good song, you may remember it from the Val Kilmer movie Real Genius, which was a great movie by the way you should check it out!!!

Everybody Wants To Rule The World