Archives: August 2008

[Show Notes]: – Wednesday 08/27/2008

Blake Shelton says that the success of Home has changed his life. As a thank you, he threw a big shindig for the writers and producers. What a guy!

Today’s Deep Thoughts:

*  Crazies at DNC convention say hurricane heading for RNC convention is payback for global warming!

* Fire at popular Hancock pub has Walt reminiscing about the good old days.

* Is it creepy weird to hit a fox while driving to work at Fox 103?

[Show Notes]: – Tuesday 08/26/2008

Marquette man Beau Chaput works on Toby Keith’s new movie Beer for My Horses! A great local connection to what should be a fun movie (if we ever get it!) to see.

Today’s Deep Thoughts:

* Three days off, and I can’t remember what all these buttons do!

* Monkeys are people too! Read this to see how alike us they are!

* DNR panics over CWD. Over reaction?

[Show Notes]: – Monday 08/25/2008

THANKS ADAM! Joe was off to Mackinaw City for a meeting, so afternoon man Adam Carpenter had to do a double shift. Ooops…… forgot to tell ya Adam, 5:45am is a wee bit early!

Today’s Deep Thoughts:

* Wow, 5:45 really IS early!

* OK, if I am up at this hour, we should at least be duck hunting!

* That’s it! You can have mornings, Joe!