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[Show Notes]: – Monday 09/22/2008

WELCOME DOCTOR DON! It’s the Morning Show on steroids (ok, maybe coffee and Red Bull) …… it’s Doc and Duck in the Morning! After his brief sabbatacle (was it India?) The Doctor is back in the ‘FXD! Let the fun begin!

Today’s Deep Thoughts:

* Who this American Hunters and Shooters group REALLY are.

* Ellen wears the pants (and brings home the cash?) in this marriage.

* Doc got a seven. There. Can we move on now?

At Least it wasn’t a Yooper…

An unidentified man smashed a
6-foot hole in the wall of the Name Brand Clothing Store in Tulsa,
Okla., in August and labored through the night to bust open the safe,
but according to the surveillance video, he finally gave up six hours
later after making only a small hole in the safe. However, when the
store manager arrived later that morning, he found the safe unlocked,
probably the result of his forgetfulness the night before, and no
contents were missing. Though the crime was unsuccessful, the manager
offered to hire the robber, based just on his diligent work ethic.