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Jason Aldean Joins Doc and Duck!!

Wow, me must have really fooled em! Who would have believed that an artist as HUGE as Jason Aldean would give the Mullet and the Mallard the time of day, let alone stick around for an hour?

Watch Jason perform un-pluged in the video below!

Michael Jackson Dead at the Age of 50!!!

Michael Jackson the King of Pop has Died at the age of 50 at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. It is confirmed the he has passed away after being found in his home in a coma after a cardiac arrest. There was a 911 call placed from his residence at 12:21 PM PST he was transferred to UCLA Medical Center where it is confirmed that he has passed away.

We have lost a legend. He will be leaving behind a legacy!!!

You will be missed!!!! He made great music and the industry will never be the same!!!

Redfella’s Pick of the Day

White Wedding” is a song by Billy Idol that appeared on his album Billy Idol (1982). According to “the Big 80’s:Episode I”[1] of VH1‘s Pop-up Video trivia show, Idol claims it was written to show his displeasure with his sister’s fiancé. It is often considered his most successful song, although other Idol songs charted higher. It reached #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 on its original release, and reached #6 in the UK upon its release there in 1985.

Billy Idol – White Wedding

Chocolay Children’s Center Creative Kids Idea

    Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe


  • Two parts plaster of paris
  • One part water (or just a little less)
  • Coloring of some sort – this could be powdered or liquid tempera paint, food coloring, or acrylic craft paints, mixed in to a level that provides the color you want

Measure the plaster of paris into a bowl (margarine tubs work well), then gradually add warm water, stirring to combine. Add coloring, then allow mixture to thicken. Add more water, if required, to the consistency of thick frosting.

chalk sidewalk drawingHomemade Sidewalk Chalk Molds

Molds can vary from paper towel rolls (cut to desired length and covered on one end with plastic wrap, foil, duct tape or something similar), muffin or cupcake pans, dixie cups, cookie cutters, small sand molds, soap molds, ice cube trays film canisters, clean prescription pill bottles or popsicle molds. Line tubular molds such as popsicle containers with waxed paper before filling and the dried chalk should slide out easily.

It may take several days for your homemade chalk to harden.

Caution: Making chalk is a messy business; you might want to cover your work surface with newspaper before you begin.
Important: Avoid breathing in the dust of plaster of paris and follow all safety precautions written on the box.

May 27 2009 Zach Lancaster

zach-lancasterZach lancaster was in the studio to play for us just a snipet of the music that he writes, what a great talent he is (even though he is from downstate) haha You can check him out at Lancaster xxxxxxxxxx


May 20 2009 Jeff Krebbs

jeff-krebbsA great big thank you to Jeff Krebbs for stepping in last minute to cover a show for me. Due to a scheduling problem Goofus was unable to make it. All week long I called Jeff my last minute man and he did a great job with all new songs but one, a special request for Chicken Lips. you can contact Jeff at