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Chocolay Children’s Center Creative Kids Idea

Timmy the CD Turtle

by Twila Lenoir

Recycle an old CD into a new turtle magnet for your fridge!

What you need

  • old CD

  • felt in dark Christmas green and a lighter green color

  • green acrylic paint

  • small amount of cardboard

  • green craft fun foam

  • fabric paint

  • goggle eyes

  • magnet
    What you do

    1. Trace the CD onto the darker green felt and cut out the circle. Set aside.

    2. With green acrylic paint, paint the front of the CD completely and let the paint dry.

    3. Cut a stop sign shape out of cardboard(this is an 8 sided shape – see the photo for details). Use this cardboard template to trace as many stop sign shapes of light green felt that you need to spell out your name, plus one more for the center of the CD.

    4. Cut four green fun foam shapes for the legs – these are like large popsicle stick shapes, or rectangles with curved ends. Cut a similar, but longer shape for the head. You’ll also need to cut a triangle shape for the tall.

    5. Glue the felt head, legs and tail to the unpainted back of the CD. Cover all these parts by gluing on the green circle that you cut out in Step 1 of this project.

    6. Glue the goggle eyes on the top of the head.

    7. Glue on enough stop sign shapes to spell your name, plus one stop sign shape in the center.

    8. Spell out your name in fabric paint, placing one letter in each of the stop sign shapes, except the one in the center.

    9. You can leave the center stop sign shape plain, or add a little design like the one in the photo.

    10. After all the paint and glue is dry, glue a magnet to the back of Timmy the CD Turtle. Stick him on the fridge to make you smile or to hold a little note in place!

Emily Dawn brought in by Redfella Records for Redfella’s Listen Up UP!!

I want to thank Redfella Records for bringing in Emily Dawn to your Workday Wind Down today!! She is from Ishpeming MI and is very talented! She is currently competing in a national contest through Miley Cyrus. You can check out some of her songs at Emily’s Website Make sure you check her out! Good Luck Emily on the contest you will go far! You are a very talented young lady!!!

Emily Dawn, Andrew Lorinser, Chrissy Nichols

Redfella’s Pick of the Day

Return to Innocence” is a 1994 song created by the musical group Enigma. The single was the first from their chart-topping second album, The Cross of Changes.

It became one of the project’s most popular international singles, peaking at #1 in over 10 countries (including Greece, Norway, Sweden and Ireland), #2 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 4 on the Hot 100 in the US, #3 on the UK Singles Chart, the Top 5 in Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands and Switzerland, and the Top 10 in Italy and France.

Enigma – Return to innocence

Redfella’s Pick of the Day

I Can’t Dance” is the fourth track from the Genesis album We Can’t Dance and was the second single from the album (“No Son of Mine” being the first). The song peaked at number seven on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.[1]

During one recording session, Mike Rutherford first created the main riff of the song he called “Heavy A Flat”, to which Phil Collins suddenly improvised “I Can’t Dance!” Originally the band didn’t think of it anything more than a joke, because the song was too simple, too bluesy and completely unlike Genesis’ style. Tony Banks said in an interview “It was one of those bits you thought was going to go nowhere. It sounded fun, but wasn’t really special”.[2]

It wasn’t until Banks added the keyboard sound effects that the song took on a whole different feeling, with a slight edge of humour in it, which made the band decide to record it.

Genesis – I Can’t Dance

Chocolay Children’s Center Creative Kids Idea!

“My Favorite Things” – Homemade Placemat Craft for Kids
How to create a homemade placemat, that’s as unique as your child!

You’ll Need:
construction paper, cardstock, or poster board 
one roll of contact paper or laminate sheets
glue Stick 
photos, magazine images etc.
optional craft supplies; stickers, markers, crayons etc.

First have your children select and cut photographs 
and/or magazine pictures. Attach the pictures to the 
paper using a glue stick. Finish decorating the placemat 
with markers, stickers and drawings.
Don’t forget to write your name with bold letters.

When everything is attached and dry…cover the placemat 
on both sides using the laminate paper, following the directions on the package.

These placemats also make a wonderful mother or grandmother gift!