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Eighth Annual UPtoberfest October 12th In Escanaba


Escanaba, Michigan

The eighth annual UPtoberfest beer and wine tasting event is coming to Escanaba on Sat., Oct. 12, 2013 The festival will once again run from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. (ET) along First Avenue North in downtown Escanaba, immediately behind Hereford & Hops Steakhouse & Brewpub.

UPtoberfest is hosted by Bay de Noc Brewers, Inc., a home brewing group, to showcase craft beers and wines from throughout the region, offer education about the brewing and wine-making process and support the local community. All profits from UPtoberfest will benefit the United Way of Delta County .

Guests will be able to sample more than 40 microbrews and 20 wines from across Michigan in keepsake souvenir glasses. The ticket price includes a large selection of foods paired to the beers and wines offered at the festival. The food is being specially prepared by chef Mark Ammel, owner of Bobaloon’s Café in Escanaba.

Once again this year, there’ll be a special emphasis on beers and wines made in the Upper Peninsula , according to Bay de Noc Brewers President Tom Uelmen. The Brewers’ Club will also conduct a beer brewing demonstration, and there will be live music by the band “ToHuBoHu.”

Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Tickets will be available soon online at, as well as at Hereford and Hops and Bobaloon’s Café in Escanaba and White’s Party Store in Marquette .





Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening

United States

Musik and Film

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An Award Winning Movie Depicting A History-Making Case Wins 1st Place In Alaska’s International Film Festival

Ellaville, GA, July 25, 2013 – Recently taking First Place in the Alaska International Film Festival, A Cry for Justice (Triple Horse Studios) is the award-winning movie that tells the riveting true story of Jackie Carpenter’s fight to save her family. Jackie never dreamed her loving son would ever be put on trial for felony murder when all he was doing was defending his worksite from theft, but that’s exactly what happened after his gun accidentally fired and killed one of the men while he was waiting for police to arrive. His trial is being called ‘textbook’ in the annals of legal cases and now professors at some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools are requesting copies of the movie to use as research for their first year law students!

A Cry for Justice tells the gripping story of the ten-month trial and how Jackie’s faith was put to the test during what felt like a terrifying journey to hell and back. Please watch the exciting trailer at: The trailer for this movie has won Award of Excellence in the Best Short Competition and Award of Merit in The Accolade Competition, and has been nominated as Best Picture in the ICVM Crown Awards and entered in the Gideon Film Festival!

“Every day during the first six months of this ordeal I felt as though I was dying, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she says. “I wrestled with the ‘what if’ factor. What if God doesn’t help us? What if God lets Jason go to jail even though he’s innocent? All those ‘what if’ questions weakened my faith. It was only when I stopped doubting and started trusting that I received ‘peace’ and now God is showing me the next piece of the puzzle.”

The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 (Xulon Publishing) is Jackie’s account of the harrowing events following her son’s arrest. It is a story of fear, love, faith and hope, a chronicle of the support Jackie found in Psalm 91 and how she used this prayer of protection to hold her family together as her son fought for his life.

Although Jackie never considered a career as an author, she felt compelled to write a second book to follow the success of The Bridge. Georgia Justice is a story of faith-building, she explains. “It’s a a how-to guide of what it takes to escape from the tightening grips of doubt and depression,” she says. “And then to begin the journey to renewed and strengthened faith, hope, and ultimate victory.”

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For more information on this author and her remarkable story, visit her website at:



Chronic Edge Obsession

Chronic Edge Obsession

Chronic Edge Obsession

Chronic Edge Obsession

Rock, Alternative Rock,

United States

Musik and Film

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Chronic Edge is Chicago based original rock band that represents a unique and addictive style of music captured by smooth and melodic qualities and expressed by driving rhythms, hard-hitting back beats, and explosive energy to form an interesting blend of music that simply “sticks in your head”.

Chronic Edge is the inspiration of singer/songwriter Vince DeVincenzo. The band strives to accomplish a single mission; to create powerful and dynamic music that reaches into the minds of a global audience. Changing line-ups and life situations are challenges faced by all bands, however, lucky timing brought about a convergence of talent with amazing chemistry and positive energy. Setting themselves apart in a music industry filled with many bands having a cookie-cutter sound; Chronic Edge has found that magic formula to create unbelievable music and to do what they love, play music.

Chronic Edge live shows are best described as an experience you will feel as well as hear. Bassist Tom Kocal knocks the audience flat with intricate bass lines coming up from the depths coupled with the “Hammer Of Thor” drum beats delivered by drummer vulgar Vic that simply drive each note through your chest. This powerful rhythm section is the perfect compliment to the epic guitar sounds of singer/songwriter Vince DeVincenzo’s and guitarist Terry Tuccori. This volatile punch is carefully counter-balanced with a smooth melodic flow and mellow tone allowing you to catch your breathe and take in the moment. It is hard to peal your eyes away from this class act. Chronic Edge’s polished professionalism has made them a favorite opening act for national artists including: Enuff’Z’Nuff, The B52′s, Missing Persons, Flock of Seagulls, The Fixx, Jimmy Sohns from The Shadows of Knight, Shirley King, and Tommy Tutone.

Chronic Edge is the reason why everyone loves rock and roll; because they make every note, every word, and every emotion count.

Michigan Film, Papou, Shooting in Metro Detroit

Michigan Film, Papou, Shooting in Metro Detroit

Michigan Film, Papou, Shooting in Metro Detroit

(Novi, Michigan) – Mother and Midwife Pictures is now in the 2nd week of an almost month-long shoot of its feature length film, Papou. Giavani Cairo (actor playing Constantine Yannis) remarked “After just a week of coming onto set, I feel like this is a new family, and I always look forward to coming [to work].”

The excitement surrounding this film has grown with each passing day as people see the film crews in locations across Metro Detroit. Last week, the first day of filming occurred at Archie’s Coney Island in Livonia, and people spent hours standing outside the restaurant trying to get a glimpse of the process. Local restaurants have donated food to the cast and crew each day, and some of the cast and crew members say they have never eaten so well on the set of a movie. A local grandmother has cooked desserts for everyone working on the film as well. Kanella Katsikas, the real-life grandmother that inspired one of the characters in the film said, “This film is an honor for my husband, and it is an honor for me.”

 Starring international screen actor Yorgo Voyagis (Zorba the Greek) and Evan Kole (The Avengers). This unique tale of an imaginative young boy and his sickly grandfather has been brought to life by over $51,000 from a Kickstarter fundraiser and almost $55,000 in potential Michigan Film and Digital Media Incentive rebates. The film is being produced by film industry veterans Michael Sinanis and Christos Moisides and directed by 24-year-old first time feature film director Michael Angelo Zervos. Despite the fickle weather, Zervos, who penned the story himself, states “We’ve had really great shots. I look forward to our audiences seeing what I do on the [Red Epic] monitor.”

The production company is still accepting applications for extra roles for the following days: July 19th, 22nd, 29th, 30th, 31st, and August 1st. Visit to follow the daily updates posted on set and those interested in extras casting should contact Members of the press are welcome to visit the set between now and when shooting concludes on August 2nd.

Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report

Marquette:  Anglers are fishing in 160 to 200 feet of water between the White Rocks and Granite Island. Fish were also caught in 180 feet near the Sand Hole. A couple Chinook salmon were taken in 50 feet or less near the upper harbor and towards Shot Point. Water temperatures were in the low to upper 50’s.

Menominee:  Anglers are still waiting for the salmon to start biting. Those fishing out near Washington Island and beyond were lucky to catch one fish.

Menominee River:  Walleye are still being caught but many were on the small side. Anglers are catching smallmouth bass, pike and freshwater drum.

Cedar River:  Has good smallmouth bass fishing but many were small.

Little Bay De Noc:  Walleye fishing was fair. Anglers did best along the “Black Bottom” when trolling or drifting crawler harnesses in 18 to 25 feet. Fish were also caught along the reefs near Kipling in 20 to 30 feet. Perch were caught near Kipling in eight to 14 feet however most of the fish were small. Pike were hitting on spinners in 17 to 25 feet between the Day’s River and Brach’s Cabins. A few smallmouth bass were caught off the mouth of the Ford River by those casting spinners or tube baits in 10 to 15 feet. Salmon were caught 30 to 40 feet down in 50 to 60 feet of water near the Ford River Can.

Big Bay De Noc:  Anglers are still taking a fair number of smallmouth bass in Nahma, Kate’s Bay and Garden Bay. Use crank baits, spinners or plastics in 14 to 22 feet of water or go shallow along the weed beds. A few perch were caught in Garden Bay and Fayette Harbor. Most are drifting or still-fishing crawlers in eight to 16 feet of water. Off Fairport, Chinook were caught 30 to 60 feet down in 50 to 110 feet of water when trolling spoons or cut bait.

Manistique Lake:  Anglers have caught walleye and pike.

Au Train:  Had fair lake trout action with anglers taking three to six fish per boat. Surface water temperatures are in the mid to upper 50’s as opposed to last year at this time when water temperatures were close to 70 degrees.

Munising:  Most were fishing early for lake trout in Munising Bay, Trout Bay and Murray’s Bay in waters less than 100 feet deep. Fish up to nine pounds were reported but overall the bite was slow. Pier fishing was light as catch rates for splake were slow.

Grand Marais:  Pier anglers targeting whitefish in the early morning were not having much success as most of the fish were in the nine to 12 inch range. Most are still-fishing with a single egg in the early morning or evening. When boats can get out, lake trout were caught five to seven miles north of the bay and the shipping channel in 150 to 250 feet of water. Pike fishing was slow.

St. Mary’s River:  Fly hatches were moderate in Raber Bay. A few walleye were caught at Raber Point and Carlton Creek. Most are trolling crawler harnesses near the weed beds in 12 feet of water.

DeTour:  Those heading out to the red and green cans or around the lighthouses have caught Chinook and lake trout in the early morning. Try spoons in colors like white with orange dots, green and gold, blue and silver, yellow, green or white. Lake herring and a few
whitefish were on the east side of Long Island.

Drummond Island:  Has good walleye fishing in Maxton Bay. Fish were caught in the evening until dark in eight feet of water near Bay Island which is just south of James Island. Most are trolling pencil plugs. Walleye and smallmouth bass were caught in 12 feet of water on the northwest side of Peck Island. Most are jigging crawlers and tube jigs. Pike were caught in six to eight feet around Grape Island in the early morning. Lake herring were still being caught near long Island, Maple Island and Butterfield in 27 to 30 feet of water. The bite may not last much longer as the fly hatches are slowing down.

Cedarville and Hessel:  Anglers are still taking a limited number of perch in Hessel Bay, Musky Bay, Cedarville Bay, Snows Channel and the Middle Entrance. Good numbers of pike and bass have also been caught.

St. Ignace:  Boat anglers are fishing the backside of Mackinaw Island for trout and salmon. Most are trolling in 150 feet of water. 

Stephen Wrench and Terry Nails

Stephen Wrench and Terry Nails

Stephen Wrench and Terry Nails

Stephen Wrench and Terry Nails

Country, Southern Rock, Americana ,Adult Contemporary,

United States

Musik and Film

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Stephen and Terry have been with many world renowned groups over the years. Ouite a change of music from guys who were once with Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Tutone, Missing Persons and Lynyrd Skynyrd .

Terry started out in the Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco playing with Big brother and the Holding Company members. Terry has played with Axl Rose, and so many others

Stephen started out attending Woodstock in 1969 and has played with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd , Toto, Loverboy, Survivor and many others

Paddle the Muskegon River with a DNR Biologist July 27

Looking for a great way to spend a warm July Saturday? Join the DNR and Highland River Adventures on July 27 for a fun kayaking trip down the Muskegon River through the Muskegon State Game Area.

During this three-hour excursion, instructors from Highland River Adventures will provide basic kayaking lessons to get participants on the river and paddling. No prior kayaking experience is necessary.

Once attendees have mastered the art of paddling, a DNR biologist will lead a guided tour through the State Game Area, pointing out area wildlife and other natural features.

Two trips are scheduled on July 27: one from 9 a.m. to noon and another from 1 to 4 p.m. Both trips begin at Holton Duck Lake Road. Space is limited. Registration is $20 per person, which includes kayak rental. To register, visit

This event is part of the DNR’s Michigan’s Wetland Wonders Challenge II, a contest sponsored by Consumer’s Energy to spark interest in Michigan’s wetlands.
This summer, several Wetland Wonders Challenge II events will take place throughout the southern Lower Peninsula of Michigan at seven Managed Waterfowl Areas. Those who attend challenge events will be entered into a drawing for seven ultimate Michigan exploration packages courtesy of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. To learn more about the Wetland Wonders Challenge II, visit

A Series of Interactive Musical Theatre Workshops Taught by Working Broadway Professionals


Date/ Time: Monday, July 29 – Friday, August 2, 2013
Workshop times vary

Tickets: $295.00 – Music, Dance, Theatre Workshop
Pre-Teen (ages 10-13)
Teens (ages 14– 18)

$395 Advanced Workshop
(Ages 15-22)

A limited number of scholarships are available.
Call Laurie Briseno for more information. (517-884-3141)

Location: Wharton Center for Performing Arts

517.432.2000, 1.800.WHARTON

EAST LANSING, Mich. – TAKE IT FROM THE TOP, a series of interactive workshops offered through the MSU Federal Credit Union INSTITUTE FOR ARTS AND CREATIVITY at Wharton Center, gives participants – from Pre-Teens to Young Adults and beyond – an opportunity to experience what it is like to be on Broadway.

TAKE IT FROM THE TOP was developed by (2007) Tony Award nominee and Legally Blonde star Laura Bell Bundy and Paul Canaan. Canaan is currently starring in this season’s most Tony© nominated Broadway show (13) Kinky Boots. “When we started Take It From The Top I wasn’t sure I would perform on Broadway again. But now that I am, I feel more connected than ever to my passion for education. I love what I do and I want students to learn as much as possible about professional theatre and have fun doing it! I’m sending a team of amazing Broadway performers to Michigan who I trust to provide an exciting and inspiring week for our students there.”

Canaan returns this year to be an instructor. Other instructors include Meredith Akins, Hair, Footloose, Mamma Mia and Wicked; Carlos Encinias, Mamma Mia and Scandalous; Leslie McDonald, American Idiot, Hair Spray and Legally Blond; and musical directors are Jeff English and Allan Decipulo.

Former instructors include Billy Porter who plays Lola in this season’s most Tony© nominated Broadway Show, Kinky Boots. Porter’s role landed him a Tony© Award nomination for Best Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role In A Musical. Porter says, “I remember when I was a kid growing up in Pittsburg trying to figure out how to live as a creative person.

I had lots of influences and teachers and people who helped me. Without those people I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m so grateful when I get the opportunity to give back and share what I know with aspiring young artists.”

Participants learn the craft of musical theatre with basic to advanced skills, industry history and practical content in an exciting, fast-moving, interactive setting. TAKE IT FROM THE TOP offers participants a chance to experience Broadway with the pros. Learn, work and sharpen your skills in a creative, fun and supportive environment. If you ever wanted to be on a Broadway stage, now is your chance to perform and pick the brains of the people who are doing it!

The full-day advance workshop will focus on learning a condensed version of a current Broadway hit.

Five-day workshop

PRE-TEEN: Ages 10-13
TEEN: Ages 14-18
ADVANCED: Ages 15-22

Monday, July 29 – Thursday, August 1, 2013
PRE-TEEN ● 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
TEEN ● 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, August 2, 2013
PRE-TEEN and TEEN ● Noon to 5:30 p.m. rehearsal
7:00 p.m. recital (Free)

Monday, July 29 – Saturday, August 3, 2013
ADVANCED ● Monday-Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (lunch 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.)
ADVANCED ● Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tech
1:00 p.m. ● recital on Saturday, August 3 (Free)
Must audition to be considered. Call Dana Brazil to schedule: 517-884-3166

The workshop will feature an exploration of Broadway music, dance and theatre training culminating in a recital on the final night for family and friends. There will be ample time for questions and discussion throughout the workshop.

All workshops are held at Wharton Center for Performing Arts. Space is limited; to register, log onto or call 1-800-WHARTON.

Following workshops in East Lansing, the team will present a similar series of workshops at the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City and at the Grand Rapids Ballet Company.

For more information call Dana Brazil at Wharton Center: 517-884-3166 or