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National Walking Day is April 1

LANSING (4/1/15) — Adults are spending more time at work than ever before and an unfortunate side effect is that as a nation we are becoming more inactive. Physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease. The good news is you can start to fix the problem by encouraging your community and company to take part in the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day.

Today on National Walking Day, Americans are encouraged to lace up their sneakers and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. It’s a great way to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and to get your family, friends and co-workers started on a healthier way of life. Statistics show people stick to walking plans more than any other form of physical activity. And walking is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, the nation’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers.

Walking has many health benefits, which makes National Walking Day the ideal time to kick-start your physical activity routine. Adults should get at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, while kids should get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Physical activity can relieve depression, improve your memory and lower your blood pressure.

In addition to taking 30 minutes out of your day to get up and walk, there’s another way you can participate in National Walking Day. We’ll be hosting a Physical Activity Post Stroke and Heart Attack Conversation on the Support Network, April 1, from 10 a.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET at Topics for the all-day come-and-go event will include all things physical activity, from cardiac rehab, stroke rehab, walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, and much more.

A different medical professional will participate for every hour of the chat, answering questions related to physical activity and recovery. Join the Support Network, take part in the chat and get your 30 minutes in for a successful National Walking Day.

Harry Tietjen

Please enable images to see artist photoHarry Tietjen has won several “Deutscher Rock und Poppreis” awards. Best Folkrock-Singer 2008, Best Pop-Singer 2009, Best Arrangement 2010.

Harry Tietjen

“The greatest adventure I ever experienced as a musician was back in the 80’s when I left Hamburg to go travelling with no plan as to when I would return.”

“In Morocco, I invested my money putting a band together. Here it was obvious that we could earn good money as musicians. However, after three months the money ran out before the band could really take off. Then it hit me, why not solo performances in hotel bars and at Moroccan family celebrations, after all English cover songs were all the rage.”

“I was most fascinated by the extremes in daily life. One day, singing accompanied by lively guitar in the middle of corrugated iron ghetto for enthusiastic pop fans and the next, playing piano in a luxury hotel followed by a sumptuous 4-course menu for polite society.”

“Or sometimes people would simply & politely ask me if I could play something on my guitar play whilst sitting in a cafe. The music was ever present then as it is now and with an equally strong connection. People invited me home to their families and told me their life stories”.

Harry Tietjen started making music at a very early age, playing both piano & guitar and vocals. With 17 he gave his first concerts in France and later in Switzerland, Portugal and other countries.

At 20, he and his band “Harry ‘s Gang”, won first prize in the North German singer competition.

At the beginning of the 80’s, Harry and a friend built a music club ”The Castle” in an old Art Nouveau villa near Hamburg. After 2 exciting years at the “rock and roll club” the travelling years began.

In the 90’s, Harry founded the “Come Together Studio” in Hamburg, producing bands like Inusa Dawuda, King Kurlee, Sandra King, Lightman and others.

In his debut album „Coming Home“ Harry has incorporated and expressed his most exciting encounters.

Mariah Jas

Please enable images to see artist photoMariah Jas is a 20 year old music artist, singer and lyricist. She is also a model, freestyle dancer and plays the piano. She is a student and a regular volunteer as an instructor of the American Heart Association teaching people save lives.

Mariah Jas is of Indian,Filipino and Chinese descent and lives in India.

Les Paul 100Th Anniversary Announced-Yearlong Celebration Kicks Off June 9Th Times Square

Huge Star-Studded Celebration Kicks Off in Times Square and Will Launch A Year of Exciting Programs and Events in Honor of Les Paul Tuesday – June 9th, 2015

Program Will Also Include a Tribute Concert, VIP Experiences, Nationwide “Les Paul’s Big Sound Experience” Tour, Educational Grants, Music Re-Releases, New Interactive Website, New Collectible Merchandise, Media and Retail Promotions, a National PSA Campaign and More. Legendary Musicians Steve Miller, Journey’s Neal Schon, Count’s 77, Joe Satriani, Joan Jett, Johnny A and Others Join The Les Paul Trio at the Historical Event New York, New York – (March 25, 2015) – The Les Paul Foundation has announced the official “100th Birthday of Les Paul,” a year-long celebration to launch the famous inventor and musician’s 100th birthday – June 9th, 2015. The celebration, which will last through May of 2016, will include exciting programs beginning with the star-studded June 9th event in New York’s Times Square. Fans of Les Paul will have the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the most famous names in music at the official kick-off event. Music legends including Steve Miller, Joan Jett, Journey’s Neal Schon, guitar virtuoso Johnny A, Chickenfoot’s Joe Satriani, Count’s 77 and others will appear at the event. Musical acts will continue to be announced on over the next several weeks. Les Paul was the father of the solid body electric guitar – the inventor of multitrack recording, overdubbing (also known as sound on sound), delay effects, electronic echo and many other recording innovations that today’s recording artists use every day. Musicians from every genre have credited Les Paul for their careers. Numerous museum exhibits and awards continue to celebrate the innovations and accomplishments of Les Paul.

The Les Paul 100th Anniversary plan includes a star-studded musical launch event in New York, a national PSA campaign giving youth a chance to “Pledge to Invent,” a tribute concert in New York City a new interactive website, new merchandise, several re-releases of Les Paul’s music, educational grants, media promotions and the kick-off of a national tour aptly called “Les Paul’s Big Sound Experience.”

Anderson Cooper of CNN said that “It is literally true that what is now known as modern American music would not be what it is today without Les Paul.” “The man is a genius. Whenever you turn on your amplifier, that’s Les Paul,” has added the legendary B.B. King, a colleague and friend of the innovator. Known also as the “Father of the Solid Body Electric Guitar,” “The Wizard of Waukesha,” “Rhubarb Red,” “The Father of Modern Music,” and others, Les Paul’s curiosity about sound began at a very young age. Contemporary artists like Slash, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Joan Jett, Jimi Hendrix and many others have paid homage to Les Paul throughout their careers.

Les Paul was born Lester William Polsfuss in Waukesha, Wisconsin. At the age of eight he began playing the harmonica. He tried the piano and banjo but switched to the guitar. It was during that time that he invented a neck-worn harmonica holder which allowed him to play both sides of the harmonica hands-free while accompanying the guitar. Paul’s interest in musical instruments didn’t stop there. He also loved modifying them. At the age of nine he built his first crystal radio. While in Junior High he built the harmonica holder out of a wire coat hanger. He began his work with the solid body guitar as a teen when he filled his acoustic guitar with rags, socks and a tablecloth and eventually with Plaster of Paris. While in high school he made his first solid body electric guitar using a piece of rail from a nearby train line. Years later the rail guitar evolved into Les’ famous 4 x 4 piece of pine that he wired as a guitar and dubbed “The Log.” It was the basis for the first solid-body electric guitar that changed the face of music.

Les Paul’s influence would go on to extend beyond the guitar. Paul’s good friend and influence Bing Crosby, who he performed with, encouraged him to build a recording studio which Paul did in his Hollywood garage when he was 30 years old. This is where he developed industry changing recording techniques. His breakthrough came in 1948 with a recording of the song “Lover” which used a variety of tracks and introduced his many new recording techniques. Les Paul once again changed the face of music with the birth of multi-track recording. In 1949 Les married Mary Ford and began producing hits with her such as “How High the Moon” and “The World is Waiting for the Sunrise.” They had their own radio show and later a hit television show called “Les Paul and Mary Ford at Home.” Together they recorded dozens of hit songs all of which were recorded using recording techniques Les Paul invented in his studio. Those hits included “Mockin Bird Hill” (#3 1951) and Vaya Con Dios (#1, 1953). Paul also had instrumental hits on his own including “Nola”(#9, 1950), “Whispering” (#6, 1952) and “Meet Mister Callaghan” (#5,1952). In the 1960s Paul formed an agreement with the Gibson guitar company and the famous Les Paul guitar went into production becoming one of the best known guitars of all time. Few can deny that Les Paul remains an American institution.

“The players, the great musicians, the people we revere in our industry…they know every time they pick up an electric guitar why we have the electric guitar,” said Music Industry Executive Phil Quartararo. “They know every time they sit down in a studio at a mixing board, why that board exists. I can assure you that the people in this industry don’t go through a day in their life in this business without being touched by something Les Paul did, said, played or invented.” Scheduled events and programs to kick off the “Les Paul 100th Birthday” celebration on June 9th, 2015 include the official unveiling of “Les Paul Day” in New York as well as Les’ hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee. Later that evening a star-studded official 100th birthday party for Les Paul will take place in Times Square at the Hard Rock Cafe New York. A red carpet arrival will begin at 6pm followed by a special ticketed musical event inside.

The first stop of “Les Paul’s Big Sound Experience” mobile tour will be in Times Square on the same day. The 53’ foot interactive state-of-the-art mobile exhibit will be on Broadway and 44th and be open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and free to the public. Les Paul’s Big Sound Experience offers 1,000 square feet for visitors to explore music, sound and technology innovations in a hands-on, entertaining interactive experience. Visitors will be able to mix and share music as they discover Les Paul. The mobile tour will visit cities across the country until late May 2016. A VIP Les Paul party at The Iridium will close out the night. The Iridium is where Les Paul played every Monday night up until his passing.

Tickets for the event will be available at beginning Monday, April 6, 2015. There will be only 500 tickets sold. Once sold out no other ticket will be available. More performers attending the event will be listed on the website.

The Hard Rock Cafe New York has created a limited edition collectible pin honoring Les Paul. The replica pin is of the guitar pick Les Paul designed and handmade using sand paper for a better grip. The oversized pick pin will be sold at the New York retail location exclusively. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pins will benefit The Les Paul Foundation.

Guests of the June 9th special event will be the first to see the national PSA campaign “Pledge to Invent” which will be broadcast on screens throughout the venue. The PSA campaign features special messages from Slash, Sammy Hagar, Steve Miller, HEART’s Nancy Wilson, Neal Schon, Joe Satriani, Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir, Richie Sambora and other friends of Les Paul. The Les Paul Foundation will also re-issue four definitive Les Paul albums digitally. These original recordings from Capitol Records will celebrate the famous musician’s most popular tunes. The Les Paul Foundation will also launch “The Hitmakers,” a special collectible vinyl Les Paul release and three previously unreleased LPs. A surprise performance will open the June 9th event followed by a performance by the popular band, “Counts 77.” The band’s lead singer, Danny Koker, star of the highly rated History Channel TV show “Counting Cars,” had a special connection to Les Paul through his father who was a musician. The History Channel will air a special Les Paul episode in the fall of 2015. A one-of-a-kind custom built chopper created by Count’s Kustoms will be unveiled at The Hard Rock event and later auctioned for the benefit of The Les Paul Foundation through Julien’s Auctions. “Count’s 77” performance will culminate with rock star friends of Les taking to the stage for the ultimate guitar jam. Legendary Steve Miller, Journey’s Neal Schon, Rock Icon Joan Jett, instrumental guitarist and member of the rock band “Chickenfoot,” Joe Satriani, rock guitarist Johnny A and the Les Paul Trio along with more surprise performers are scheduled to appear.

Fans who purchase tickets to the event will also receive a special VIP pass to the “Les Paul Big Sound Experience” giving them preferred entry into the exclusive mobile exhibit, food and drink and the chance to be among some of the music world’s most popular performers.

Guitar Center’s flagship store in Times Square will offer special promotions in-store, a jumbotron in Times Square will feature special images of Les Paul throughout the day and a new website will offer new merchandise via Gibson Guitar and Epiphone Guitar have launched special edition 100th Anniversary guitars and publications will be commemorating the 100th birthday of Les Paul with special editions. The Waukesha County Museum, Wisconsin along with partners Ramapo College, Discovery World, The Mahwah Museum will also celebrate Les Paul’s 100th Birthday with their own exclusive events, exhibits and programs. Soundwaves artist Tim Wakefield is also creating a series of collectible artworks that feature actual sound waves from Les Paul’s most famous songs and transferred on to large canvases. The art will be signed by Les Paul’s famous rock star friends and displayed at Ross Art New York before being sold for the benefit of the foundation. The Wisconsin Foundation for School Music has developed a series of Les Paul themed lesson plans that will be available on the Les Paul Foundation website later in the year. And the Waukesha band shell where teenage Les Paul played is being restored by the City of Waukesha in time for the centennial celebration.

New grants provided by the Les Paul Foundation have also been announced in honor of the 100th Anniversary program. Earlier in the year the Les Paul Foundation provided grants and support to the Bonaroo Works Fund’s “Notes for Notes” music education program. Funds from the Les Paul Foundation will support new recording studios in Brooklyn, Austin, Detroit, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Other recipients include First Stage in Milwaukee, one of the nation’s most acclaimed children’s theatres, Guitars for Vets which continues to provide the healing power of music by teaching veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder how to play guitar, Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.), The Hearing Health Foundation, Kid Pan Alley which inspires and empowers students to work together to create their own music, Little Kid’s Rock which launched the Modern Band Program and aims to restore and revitalize music education in public schools, The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), No Limits Theater Group which improves the speaking abilities of deaf children, VH-1 Save the Music of New York, the Waukesha County Museum and Wisconsin School Music Association’s annual Launchpad event and other programs.

“We wouldn’t be able to make records like we do if Les didn’t invent multi-track recording,” said rock icon Eddie Van Halen.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Discovery World in Milwaukee and the Mahwah Museum in Mahwah, New Jersey host extraordinary exhibits that share Les Paul’s story. Les Paul has received awards that included 36 Gold records and eleven #1 pop hits, a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for “Les & Mary,” a GRAMMY Award for Best Country Instrumental “Chester & Lester,” a GRAMMY for “How High the Moon,” a GRAMMY Award for Lifetime Achievement, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an induction into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame, an induction into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, a GRAMMY for Technical Achievement, an EMMY Lifetime Achievement Award for Engineering, a GRAMMY for Best Pop instrumental “Caravan” and a GRAMMY for best Rock instrumental for “69 Freedom Special,” an induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame and a Songwriters Hall of Fame entry, a National Medal of Arts, induction into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame and many others.Other honors include a James Smithsonian Bicentennial Medal, “Inventor of the Century” by EQ Magazine, being named one of the ten best electric guitar players of all time by TIME Magazine, being celebrated with Google’s first animated doodle which premiered on Les Paul’s 96th birthday in 2011 and being named one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time.

“The music industry, whether its artists like Eddie Van Halen or a Jimmy Page, if asked a question will always go back to Les.” said Michael Braunstein, Executive Director of the Les Paul Foundation. “The music industry understands that Les is a historic iconic individual who left his mark. Every generation including future generations will continue to stand on his shoulders.” The official 100th Birthday Celebration of Les Paul will be one of the most historical moments in music history. For over three years the Les Paul Foundation has been planning events and program which will continue the legacy of Les Paul, bring about excitement to explore and invent and remind people that Les Paul changed the face of music in many ways. For more information on all the events and programs scheduled go to

About the Les Paul 100th Anniversary

Les Paul was an innovator who inspired creativity throughout his life. As the inventor of the solid body electric guitar, multi-track recording, over-dubbing (sound on sound) and numerous other recording techniques, he left an unmistakable mark on the music industry and for future generations. The Les Paul 100th Anniversary is a year-long to celebration of Les Paul’s life and will include major events and programs, tours, promotional campaigns, education grants and marketing initiatives that will secure his legacy for generations. The Les Paul website has been re-launched and includes interactive opportunities for guests to experience along with the late, great Les Paul as well as new merchandise. For more information and up-to-date schedules of the official Les Paul 100th Anniversary activities go to

Les Paul 100Th Anniversary Announced-Yearlong Celebration Kicks Off June 9Th Times Square

Les Paul 100Th Anniversary Announced-Yearlong Celebration Kicks Off June 9Th Times Square



2015 Country Radio Hall of Fame Honorees Announced

(Nashville, Tenn. – Feb. 25, 2015) –  The 2015 Country Radio Hall of Fame inductees in both the Radio and On-Air categories were announced today, Feb. 25, during the CRS 2015 Opening Ceremonies.  

The Radio inductees are Joel Raab, Sammy George and Mike Kennedy. The inductees in the On-Air category are Randy Carroll (KAJA/San Antonio, TX) and Karen Dalessandro (WMIL/Milwaukee, Wis.). 

Country music superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood made a surprise appearance and announced this year’s recipients.

The class of 2015 will be officially inducted at the Country Radio Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Awards ceremony on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. The event, which is typically scheduled in conjunction with Country Radio Seminar, will now coincide with the Country Radio Broadcasters annual summer Board and Agenda committee meetings. Information regarding ticket prices and the event location will be available in the coming months.

The Country Radio Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of those individuals who have made significant contributions to the radio industry over a 20-year period, 15 of which must be in the Country format.

“The Hall of Fame Selection Committee clearly did its homework here, evaluating a large and impressive slate of candidates before selecting these five deserving honorees for 2015,” said CRS Hall of Fame Chairman, RJ Curtis. “The inductees for the Radio and On-Air categories represent many years of service and countless contributions to the Country radio/music industry, per the criteria for this distinction. I thank the committee and congratulate the Country Radio Hall of Fame, Class of 2015. We look forward to a wonderful night on June 24 in Nashville when we formally induct these groundbreaking Country broadcasters.”

About Joel Raab: Joel Raab began his radio career as a 15-year-old air personality at WTHE/Long Island, N.Y. After serving as Air Talent/Student GM for Northwestern University’s WNUR, Raab went on to programming and on-air positions in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and New York. For the past 30 years, he has successfully consulted more than 200 Country stations spanning all market sizes while working for broadcast companies such as CBS Radio, Entercom, Greater Media, Journal, Digity, Saga, and many others.

About Sammy George: During his 38-year career in radio, Sammy George handled virtually every position inside a radio station, including on-air-personality, Program Director, News Reporter, sports play-by-play announcer, Sales Executive and Director of Sales. His final 22 years in the radio business saw George serve as GM/Market Manager for WUSY/Chattanooga where he led the station to 73 consecutive No. 1 rating books, nine CMA Station of the Year awards, two ACM Station of the Year trophies, NAB Crystal and Marconi Awards, plus an eight-year run as the “Chattanooga Times Free Press” Readers’ Choice Award for Best Local Radio Station.

About Mike Kennedy:
Mike Kennedy’s radio bug started in 1976 while attending high school in Emporia, Kansas, landing a job at KVOE. He continued pursuing the business while attending college, earning degrees in Broadcasting and Business. In 1984, he became the youngest station owner in the United States with his purchase of WFXI/Haines City, Fla. He rejoined KVOE in 1985 for mornings, sales, and play-by-play duties, and then moved to KEGS/Emporia where he assumed GM duties. A three-year stint at Top 40 KXXR followed, prior to his joining KBEQ in 1991. In 1993, Kennedy oversaw the station’s move from Top 40 to Country as PD/Morning personality, positions he continues to hold today.

About Randy Carroll: During his 32 years with KAJA/San Antonio, which nearly equals the station’s tenure as a Country outlet, Randy Carroll has been a mainstay in mornings for San Antonio Country radio listeners. Carroll also doubled at KAJA PD for many years and is already a member of the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame. During his time at KAJA, Carroll has received multiple nominations for personality of the year honors from the ACM and CMA, winning the ACM trophy in 2012 with his on-air partner, Jamie Martin.

About Karen Dalessandro: At 19 years of age, Karen Dalessandro’s radio career began as the midday host at WSDS-AM/Ypsilanti, Mich. She eventually landed mornings at WYCD/Detroit, then afternoons at crosstown WWWW. In 1998, Dalessandro shifted to WMIL/Milwaukee for mornings, where she has since remained, co-hosting the “Karen, Scott, & Radar” morning show. In 2001, the show was honored with a CMA Broadcast Personality of the Year award. She has contributed to her community, forming her “Karen’s Check Up For Chicks” campaign, which has provided mammogram screenings for hundreds of woman in Southeast Wisconsin. Dalessandro has also introduced numerous Country artists to her audience via her morning show, providing first-time exposure to artists such as Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland and countless others.

About Country Radio Seminar: Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas and business practices in the Country music industry with specific emphasis on issues relevant to Country radio. CRS 2015 is being held Feb. 25-27, 2015, in downtown Nashville, Tenn., at the Nashville Convention Center. 

Two International Clinical Research Studies Evaluating a New Investigational Antibiotic Treatment (Pulmaquin®) for Bronchiectasis

A severe lung disease in need of new and improved treatment options

Pulmonologists from major medical centers across the world are recruiting patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis (BE) to participate in two clinical trials with Pulmaquin.

Patients with BE who have chronic respiratory infections with the microorganism Pseudomonas aeruginosa have a severe form of the disease that can lead to poor quality of life and untimely death. BE is a condition characterized by abnormal dilatation of the airways, often associated with chronic infection. The patient’s lung function is often irreversibly reduced compared to that found in healthy individuals.

BE is frequently observed in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). However, it is a condition that affects over 100,000 people without CF in the United States. Many of these patients are non-smokers and the origin of their BE is unknown.

Two international clinical research studies are underway to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Pulmaquin®, an investigational drug that is inhaled once daily. The trials compare Pulmaquin to placebo in the management of chronic lung infections with P. aeruginosa in patients with non-cystic fibrosis BE.

Investigators will evaluate this by determining how long it takes for participants to experience their first pulmonary exacerbation. A pulmonary exacerbation is the new appearance or worsening of respiratory signs and symptoms such as cough, wheezing, chest congestion or shortness of breath, fever, or fatigue. Other important clinical endpoints, including the patients’ quality of life will also be evaluated.

These clinical research trials will be enrolling over 500 subjects over the age of 18. Enrolled subjects will visit the study center monthly for approximately 1 year with two thirds of the subjects taking Pulmaquin and one third placebo. Participants who complete this phase of their study will then participate in a 4-week extension in which all subjects will be given the investigational drug Pulmaquin®.

Study centers are seeking individuals to participate in these clinical trials. Only those patients meeting the pre-defined inclusion/exclusion criteria are eligible for the clinical trials.


Please enable images to see artist photoBorn into an artistic family, MadLyn began performing at age 3 and has been passionate about entertaining audiences ever since. Growing up in Southern California, she would begin to train her powerful vocals with a wide range of influences including Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Billy Joel. She tragically lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just 13, and after that began to immerse herself completely in songwriting and pop music. She later made the choice to honor her mother Madelyn, by taking on her name.Artistically choosing to drop the “e,” she would be known as MadLyn, in loving tribute to her mother.

After deferring her acceptance into the Berklee College of Music in Boston to study songwriting,MadLyn was cast in her first feature film, “Elena Undone,” which premiered at Outfest in 2010. In addition to playing a supporting character in the movie, MadLyn wrote and recorded “Suddenly,” an original song that was featured in the film and on its soundtrack.

Years of developing her craft have now led MadLyn to writing songs for other artists, including European pop sensation, Suzanna Lubrano, recording the title track for the film “Wheels,” appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! singing background vocals for bands like Youngblood Hawke, and recording vocals on the latest Jared Leto / Thirty Seconds to Mars album, “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.” MadLyn has also co-written with some of the music industry’s most prestigious songwriters including the legendary Billy Steinberg and Ken Hirsch.

MadLyn performs on a regular basis at various venues throughout the US, entertaining audiences both as a solo vocal/piano performer and with her other awesome band members. Her original music combines honest and self-aware songwriting along with her quirky piano playing pop sensibilities, and her covers of classics and modern music always includes her own style and interpretation. MadLyn is the creator & host of the ongoing breast cancer fundraising music event, “The Siren Song,” and released her first official single and music video “Kiss Me Goodbye” on February 17th 2015.

Lake Fx Summit + Expo Schedule Announced, Registration Is Open

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) is pleased to announce the full schedule for the inaugural Lake FX Summit + Expo presented by Google. The region’s largest FREE conference for artists, creative professionals and entrepreneurs, running April 16-19, will welcome thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations for keynotes by industry leaders, professional development panels and workshops, networking opportunities, music and film showcases, the Expo resource fair and a marketplace featuring local artisans. This year’s Summit will explore the theme “Improvisation and Innovation” to reflect the fluidity, flexibility and ingenuity that artists and creative professionals need in order to build and maintain viable careers. Summit tracks will focus on the music, film, fashion, culinary and visual & performing arts industries as well as cross-industry topics such as new media and technology, branding and career development for emerging and established artists.

FREE pre-registration is now open at Pre-registration for the summit is encouraged and allows registrants access to a “Fast Pass” to some programs at the Chicago Cultural Center in the Claudia Cassidy Theater (priority seating based on availability) and special giveaways including a commemorative Lake FX Summit + Expo poster created by internationally renowned Chicago-based artist Carlos Rolón/DZINE (while supplies last). Only the Google Workshop on Friday, April 17, requires advanced registration, and this registration will open at 10am on Monday, March 23.

New to the previously announced scheduled, the Thursday night keynote of the summit features a conversation on the “Lake Effect” and how Chicago has incubated and catapulted the careers of many notable creative professionals. Laura Schwartz, a professional speaker, best-selling author and regular television commentator, will moderate the exchange among local artists – Max Tempkin, designer and creator of the wildly successful Cards Against Humanity; Hebru Brantley, internationally-exhibited visual artist; Tanya Saracho, playwright (“Our Lady of the Underpass”) and television writer (“Looking,” “Girls” and “Devious Maid”); Charna Halpern, founder and director of the iO Theater; and Alex Kotlowitz, the award-winning journalist and author (There are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America) – as they share the influence that this city has had on their art and their careers.

“The Lake FX Summit + Expo will offer resources and networking for creatives across the region as well as provide a platform to showcase those living and working here,” said DCASE Commissioner Michelle T. Boone. “Chicago’s creative community is one of this city’s greatest assets. We are always looking for new opportunities to support their efforts and industries – and to leverage their expertise.”

“Technology plays an essential role for artists today, launching thousands of careers and helping to reach huge audiences. Google is excited to empower Chicago creators with online tools to continue to inspire innovation in creative industries,” said Jim Lecinski, Vice President, Americas Customer.

The conference will be headquartered at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St. Other participating venues in the downtown, walkable campus are the Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park (205 E. Randolph St.), the new Virgin Hotels Chicago (203 N. Wabash Ave.), the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago (230 N. Michigan Ave.), the Gene Siskel Film Center (164 N. State St.) and Macy’s on State Street (111 N. State St.).

The April 16-19 weekend will also host several showcase events organized by CIMMfest and The Recording Academy® Chicago Chapter. These events will feature local talent at venues located throughout Chicago, including the Hyde Park, Pilsen, West Town, Logan Square and Uptown neighborhoods.

For more information, please visit, join the conversation on Facebook (Lake FX Summit) and follow us on Twitter, @LakeFXChicago. To plan your trip to Chicago for the Lake FX Summit + Expo, visit

Anjali Ray

Please enable images to see artist photoWhat would Sade, Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos sound like if they had been raised in India?
Anjali, raised in New Delhi till the age of 10, draws on her extensive training in classical piano, Indian Hindustani classical vocal training, and occasional moonlighting as a jazz pianist to create emotional and haunting melodies. Learning piano through the British school of music since the age of 4, Anjali’s early musical foundation was later strengthened by the contrast of her Indian vocal training, enabling her to begin writing her own songs and communicating in a way words alone never can.

After performing in venues throughout Chicago and Los Angeles, Anjali began a career as an engineer, which enabled her to embrace her greatest gift to date – motherhood. She recently seized the opportunity to create a full length album of songs inspired by her experiences as a wife and mother. Her songs are sonically captivating, blending rhythms and music from east and west. Her lyrics mirror the challenges, struggles and joys we all face in our lifetime, and combine with her powerful, angelic voice to yield a soulful and honest product.

By Graham Sclater CEO Tabitha Music Publishing England

What do you expect when you hear music from a young lady who was raised in India, now lives in California and, incredibly, is also an engineer? Not one word but two: “She’s fantastic!”

By Stephen Wrench, creator/producer of the television show “Do I Have A Hit Song“, Nominating and Voting member of the Grammy’s.

“When I first heard the music of Anjali Ray I had to listen again and then again. Her vocals drew me in with a warmth that I could feel. Truly an album you can listen to over and over again and never grow tired of.”

“Anjali’s music invokes a serene spiritual joy. It fills one with peace, calm, happiness and above all, brings us face to face with Love. It is simply, beautiful.”

Neil Prashad