“The Blues Association of South East Queensland (BASEQ) has selected BluesCorp’s 2013 album “Dont Wanna Be Famous” as it’s nomination in the “Best Self-Produced CD” category for the upcoming International Blues Challenge awards to be held in Memphis early next year.”

– Blues Association of South East Queensland (Oct 16, 2013)

“BLUESCORP is a band that showcases Australian talent. WOW – they are amazing & that doesn’t really come close to describing this remarkable band. Lyrics, music, vocals & instrumentals, it’s all one incredible package. Turn up the volume, this cd will blow you away. The sax is a strong element in this band & is played right from the heart & soul. All the instrumentals compliment each other & none drown out the vocals. BluesCorp will reach the top because that’s where they belong. Do yourself a favour, buy their cd & become a lifelong fan, you won’t be sorry. If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend a live concert, don’t miss it, you will be totally transported into their wonderful world of music. I love this band, it’s one of the best I’ve heard. Congratulations BluesCorp & stay true to your wonderful sound.”

– Wendy Rudin, Music Reviewer (Mar 19, 2013)

“From the start to the end of the album ‘Don’t Wanna Be Famous’, my foot was a tapping. BluesCorp has delivered a cracking CD. This CD will be in the charts for many weeks and on high rotation on the Fatman Blues show on Southern FM”

– Mick Todd, Fatman Blues, Radio 88.3 Southern FM (Mar 15, 2013)

“From the haunting sax and blues guitar riffs in the opening track,to the clean harp and swinging licks of Rattle Me,then onto shuffling beat of Who Do You Think You Are Fooling, this album covers the laid back sound of the blues through to the toe tapping! The quality of the recording (done in a home-made temp studio!!) out-does many of todays professional studio offerings. All in all,a great Aussie Blues CD that will no doubt fare very highly in the Blues & Roots charts,and is a credit to Andrew and his crew.”

– Doug Baker, Blues Plus, Radio 5GTR FM (Mar 12, 2013)

“Just got hold of the latest release from Bluescorp. This is one that makes you want to play it again and again. A great sound mix with quality production laced with sax and harmonica full of soul ,and a killer guitar tone.”

– Barry Maxwell, Blues On The Hill, Radio 3NRG 99.3 FM (Mar 07, 2013)

“Smooth, low down contemporary blues at it’s best.”

– Dave Barker, Dave’s Blues Mix, StarFM Radio 98.5 (Mar 04, 2013)

BluesCorp is a rock’n blues-funk dance band based from Australia’s Gold Coast performing and recording a mix of powerful original material and a solid list of classics.

The band was formed in 2010 by guitarist/singer/songwriter Andrew Clark, as a project for developing his own original music which, with blues music at it’s heart, incorporates strong jazz, rock and funk undertones.

Andrew’s trademark warm, earthy guitar tones, combined with his intimate and emotive vocal deliveries are the heart and soul of the BluesCorp sound. He creates a real rush of energy in his music and has been a “white boy lost in the blues” since his first working band – a 1977 project with blues guitarist Andrew Silver (Dynamic Hepnotics). His other influences are drawn from a diverse love of music and a professional playing career that also includes jazz, funk, soul, country and rock & roll.

Andrew began performing under the name BluesCorp in September 2010 at local clubs and hotels as a 5-piece band made up of talented friends Joe LeCleir (saxophone), Glen Palmer (keys), Mike Naylor (drums) and Dave Fergusson (bass).

The band recorded it’s first album, “Three Whole Years”, in April 2011 for an August release in that year. Recorded ‘live in the studio’ and engineered by keyboardist Glen Palmer, “Three Whole Years” was intended primarily as a demo recording, (and so the band would have something for the merch table), but the album was very well received by fans and enjoyed some excellent reviews. The “Three Whole Years” album sees BluesCorp cover nine great blues standards plus two of the band’s original tunes (including the album title track) penned by Andrew.

The band’s local show schedule became decidedly busier following the album release and this, along with conflicting individual commitments and priorities, meant that Andrew was left with some decisions to make as to the future of the band.

In April 2012, Andrew decided to completely rebuild the BluesCorp live band as a 4-piece line-up ahead of returning to the studio for the second album. The new line-up, featuring Jason Klaffer (bass), JJ Otene (drums) and Ben Ferguson (guitar/keys/sax) brought with it a fresher and decidedly funkier sound. Additionally, Andrew also recruited some additional players to rotate in the line-up as circumstances dictated.

Regular live appearances from guests Matt “Harp Dog” Dunn (harmonica), Steve Sinclair (guitar), Brian Elliott (sax), Gil Rasmussen (drums) and Paul Sumner (harmonica/percussion) resulted in contributions from each of them in the studio for the 2013 BluesCorp album release “Don’t Wanna Be Famous”.

In contrast to the first album, “Don’t Wanna Be Famous” boasts 12 original tracks out of 13. The music is as vibrant as it is diverse covering traditional and contemporary blues styles and incorporating irresistible jazz, rock and funk grooves. Meticulously recorded and engineered by Andrew, the album quickly found it’s way to number 5 on the Australian Blues/Roots Airplay Charts shortly after it’s release in February 2013. The album has been nominated for “Best Self-Produced CD” in The Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge to be held in Memphis, January 2014.

The BluesCorp live repertoire, like it’s recorded material, is a treasure trove of traditional blues and dance tunes infused with a bit of funk here and there, some jazz and a solid sprinkling of the bands own infectious original music.

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