Bryce Wastney

The latest release from NZ singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney. It’s a happy song about being grateful to have a place called home. Inspired by a local hill called Gentle Annie which is just moments around the corner from Bryce’s home in Nelson, New Zealand.

It turns out that the hill was originally called Sledge Hill because the local kids used to ride sledges down it because it was steep, but was later changed to Gentle Annie due to a popular song written by a famous American songwriter called Stephen C Forster (he wrote numerous hits incl “Oh Susanah”)

Bryce finds inspiration from traveling and wrote this song while travelling home from a national tour, which resulted in a speeding ticket!

This is the 6th global radio release from Bryce Wastney via Musik & Film Records.

Bryce’s music traverses folk, country, rock and pop – always soulful whatever the genre. It’s the ideal soundtrack for the traveller and free spirit in us all.

“Wastney has a husky low vocal register and power in reserve when he opens up. He could be an Australasian Jack Johnson.” Jacob Connor – NZ Musician Magazine

Born in the sunny coastal town of Nelson, New Zealand well-travelled singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney initially pursued a career as a boat builder before toxic poisoning forced him to re-train and in the process discover a love of the acoustic guitar.

In 2010 Bryce released his debut independent album “A Perfect Day for Travel”. The album gained impressive industry reviews with six songs off the album featuring alongside songs from the iconic Cat Stevens in the multi-award winning New Zealand feature film “Last Paradise”.

In May 2013 Bryce released “Dead Man Walking” – the first recording to come from his record deal with “Musik and Film”. The single reached #2 on the New Zealand iTunes country charts off the back of an appearance on New Zealand national television show “Seven Sharp”.

In August 2013 Bryce released “You Got Me” to kick off his national New Zealand tour with internationally-renowned singer-songwriter Paul Ubana Jones. “You Got Me” charted #4 in the ECMA charts.

In November 2013 Bryce released “The Brightest Star” to coincide with a nationwide tour in Australia partnering with the World Vision sponsor a child program.

In March 2014 Bryce completed his second full-length album “Hope Mountain” and released the first single from the album “More Than A Mountain”.

In April/May 2014 Bryce hit the road touring with the award-winning band from Adelaide “The Germein Sisters”. The tours covered the East Coast of Australia where he opened for USA Grammy Award winning band, “Jars Of Clay”, followed by a national tour of NZ promoting the new album.

June 2014 Bryce released “My Music Thing” to radio, which brings the count up to 60,000 stations worldwide. It’s a beautiful song about a conversation between 2 old friends walking along a beach discussing the definition of success. A timeless classic and a testament to his consistently high calibre of songwriting.

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Click To Submit Press Releases, News, Calendar Items, and Community Events to mediaBrew radio stations WFXD, WKQS, WRUP, GTO, Fox Sport Marquette, and The Gift 106

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