Crimson Chrysalis

Crimson Chrysalis

Crimson Chrysalis

“This album is intoxicatingly inviting” (Anglea M Buchanan, Aiiradio, Arizona, US).

Terry Thompson of Sonic Cathedral says Crimson Chryallis is my pick for Upcoming artist of the year 2013. And says

“You expect top notch stuff from Europe, you don’t expect it from Africa. But Crimson Chrysalis provided one of the most brilliant surprises of the year, from the Southern part of the continent. The release sent shock waves through the Femme Metal community, music to please, thoughts that go beyond the pale. There’s so much to learn from Africa, CC seems to be able to communicate those thoughts with wonderful music, hard to beat that.”

“One of the things you recognize rather quickly with this one, is that there is some extremely beautiful music here. The sound has a beauty of its own, and the music that supports it, only increases that perspective. René has a voice that could stop traffic in New York. The general musical quality is outstanding, and the lyrics are about as good as it gets.” 10/10 (Terry Thomson, Sonic Cathedral webzine).

“Crimson Chrysalis are poised to become South Africa’s answer to the almighty Nightwish. . .a new chapter in Symphonic metal has just begun. The epic delicacy that lead member, René van den Berg, has delivered, is so musically palatable that it leaves a desire to hear more” 9/10 (Rhys Stevenson, Metal Apocolypse).

“Alongside one of the powerful, yet tender, voices in a long line of amazing female vocalists is the most hauting, awe-inspiring music I’ve heard in a long time. You could try and compare this South African blessing to Symphonic metal veterans such as Tarja Turunen (Nightwish), and Simoné Simmons (Epica), but in my personal opinion there is no comparison. With “Crimson passion cry” we are given the chance to see how inspiring, heartbreaking and uplifting Symphonic rock/metal can be with the right people behind the magic”. (9/10 Samantha Lynn Ham, Metal

“René van den Berg’s vocals delivers and transforms every ounce of emotion needed for the intelligent lyrics into an audio palette delight” (Muse online, South Africa).

“As the president of an independent record label in the US, I have a lot of music that crosses my desk and computer. Every once in a while I hear something special, something that speaks to me, grabs me by the ears and gives me a tingly feeling all over, as all good music should”. (Nick Katona, CEO and President of Melodic Revolution Records, US).

“This collection will sit comfortably in anybody, and everybody’s, record collection – a timeless and universal set of classic Symphonic rock/metal songs, perfectly performed and beautifully produced”. (9.5/10 Phil Wooldridge, Raveneheart music, UK).

“Vocalist van den Berg possesses a voice that hit the mark remarkably well within the rock music arena. Her sound and amazing songwriting touch are as good as it gets in modern alternative rock. Van den Berg and company have the creativity and songwritng powers to be extremely dangerous”. (4.5/5 AllWhatsRock Blog)

René van den Berg, originally from Bloemfontein, South Africa, started her musical career performing Afrikaans folk/acoustic rock music. She has, however, over the last 3-4 years, embarked on a radically different journey with the aid of lyricist, and co-creator of Crimson Chrysalis, Esther Slabbert. What they managed to come up with is something totally different and unique within the South African music scene.

They have created sumptuous European symphonic rock, featuring René’s warm, rich voice that has a unique French chanson tremor, and indeeed the music has a touch of the tempestuous torch song about it. If you imagine the sort of dramatic, passionate songs from musical theatre shows like Les Misérables, or a more powerful Sarah Brightman, mixed with epic soundtrack music with wonderful orchestrations, performed by a premier league rock band, thén perhaps, we are somewhere rondabouts.

This is music with no boundaries, strong enough to appeal to Symphonic rock/metal fans of the modern Nightwish, but familiar and accesible enough for classic rock, and non metal listeners as well.


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