Don Murdock Releases Don’t Call Me A Hero

In December 1986, singer/songwriter Don Murdock received the Medal of Bravery from Governor General Jean Sauve for actions during a house fire in March of 1985. Don’t Call Me A Hero is Don’s way of coming to terms with the emotions that have haunted him since that night almost 28 years ago. For years Don rode the rescue truck with the Fire Department.

During that time he witnessed many accidents that included loss of life. The horrific events of that night are the kind of things that can haunt a firefighter for years. That night has weighed heavy on Don’s mind ever since it happened. The call came shortly after midnight. When Don and the rescue crew arrived, flames and smoke were already billowing from the building. A young female at the scene yelled out there were babies still inside.

Don and fellow firefighter entered the home in search of the children. Because the heat was so intense and the smoke thick and black, the two were unable to see a thing and had to feel their way through the house on hands and knees. Through the confusion Don heard his partner yell that he had found one. As Don turned toward the sound of his partner’s voice a flashover occurred knocking them both to the floor.

Don was now able to see the girl. He grabbed the child and took her to the front door where he handed her to EMS personnel. Don then re-entered the house, found his partner and guided him and the baby to the front door. Don then took the baby from his injured partner, jumped in the back of Ambulance where he performed infant CPR all the way to the Hospital. Upon arriv al, Don handed the baby over to the attending emergency physician, quite certain the baby was already an angel. The crew were later advised the baby did not recover.

The heat of the fire that night was so intense that Don’s helmet melted. Don also had flash burns to his face. His partner suffered burns to both of his hands. A year prior to this incident Don also saved the life of a teenage boy. Because that rescue happened in the early morning of New Years Day, there was a tremendous amount of press proclaiming Don a Hero.

To Don though, the real hero has always been the innocent child who lost her life in that fire. Like most first responders, whether they be firefighters, police, paramedics, military personnel, Don never felt right about being called a hero. To these man and women they are doing what they were trained to do. To them, they are just doing their job. Don’t Call Me A Hero is possibly the most important song of 2013…

Don Murdock

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Don Murdock has a passion for country music, and that passion is evident in the music he creates. His songs have appeared on thousands of radio playlists around the world. Don first started playing guitar as a young teen and continued playing throughout his twenties concentrating mostly on the old favourites. Time moved on, life happened but music was always close to Don’s heart.About ten years ago Don decided once again to jump in with both feet and began playing the guitar with a passion he had not felt in years. He helped form a cover band that played many fundraising and charity events. All the while though, Don wanted to write his own music and create his own unique sound. One of the first songs Don wrote was Highway Of Heroes. The idea came to him while standing on an overpass of a highway bearing the same name. A portion of that highway had been renamed in honour of repatriated soldiers who travelled these final


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