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Gandalf\’s Fist

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Biography: Cumbria, England – Across the rolling, ‘Tolkienesque’ hills of Cumbria, England, comes the bass-heavy melodic crawl of progressive rock’s “Gandalf’s Fist” – carried from its Middle Earth origins, to middle America on the winds of Musik and Film’s new distribution campaign! Described by the band as “The Hobbit meets Blade Runner”, the new album, “From a Point of Existence”, continues to blend traditional Progressive Rock elements with pluckings of Folk shenanigans and pinches of psychedelic dust borrowed from The Floyd.

Luke Severn, who along with Dean Marsh make up “Gandalf’s Fist”, is anything but hard lined or hard edged when it comes to his creative process and the inspirations that lead to the bands musical outings: “Progressive rock is a genre that most might think is old hack and based in the 70′s”, states Severn, “but we’ve taken the elements of that early scene and mixed it with long tempo changing solos and folk inspired sea shanties to create something that’s unique!”

Formed in 2005, “Gandalf’s Fist” was a meeting of the minds between two self-proclaimed “geeks” and Tolkienites. “We’re geeks, don’t get us wrong, but normal, well-rounded geeks, who like the sunshine, football and girls”, qualifies Severn in a recent press interview with Progressive Rock Magazine.

Dean Marsh is an adroit multi-instrumentalist who when joined with Luke Severn’s ethereal, shale vocals create more than songs, but entire ‘soundscapes’ full of story, emotion, adventure and journey. This duo forges a unique voice, mesmerizing the listener and creating a space of awareness that becomes almost addictive in nature as you press play and repeat over again and again. The medieval-space-rock-odyssey that is the new album, “From a Point of Existence”, is the band’s latest offering to its increasing fan base. Set in the near future, it’s a Psychedelic Rollercoaster following the story of William, a lowly ice cream van operator, who inexplicably becomes embroiled in the heist of the personal wealth of the draconian business-magnate Sir Jason Drake!

The duo draw musical inspiration from bands they admire like Camel, Caravan, Blackfield, Riverside, Crippled Black Phoenix, Astra, or bands who have influenced them such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater.

“A lot of people say they can hear the influence of the heavy hitters of Progressive rock in our music but to be honest I’m influenced a lot more by bands that tumble along in a world of their own and create beautiful melancholic songs”, explains Dean, “It’s all about freedom. There’s no ‘rule book’ for Progressive rock.”

And there’s no rule book for the great adventure that “Gandalf’s Fist” has embarked upon. With the team at Musik and Film leading the way, the future looks as bright as the colors of the psychedelic artwork swirling on the cover of their new CD!

“Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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