Gordon Duthie Releases New Album – “Multimedia Monster”


Scottish music artist Gordon Duthie has released his new album – “Multimedia Monster” – today (Tuesday the 6th of August 2013). Twenty-two years ago – on this day – the first WorldWideWeb page appeared, starting the social phenomenon of the public internet.

“Multimedia Monster” chronicles Duthie’s experiences with technology over the past 20 years, from retro gaming and land-line phones to the saturated mobile and social networking platforms of the modern age. Having recently turned 26, Duthie comes from the last generation who experienced life before the internet became an integral part of western civilisation. The material across “Multimedia Monster” portrays nostalgic, reflective, acerbic, positive and humorous anecdotes of Duthie’s view of the ever changing digital world. Musically, the album is an eclectic mix of styles, but is generally heavier than Duthie’s previous work. “Multimedia Monster” inputs Duthie away from the natural world, processes him through motherboards and telecommunication masts and outputs a monstrous character addicted to electronic devices and meaningless information.

All songs on the album were written and produced by Duthie from his Aberdeenshire studio. “Multimedia Monster” has raised the music production bar from Duthie’s previous work and he has been assisted by sound engineer Kevin Paul who recently worked on Nick Cave’s acclaimed “Push the Sky Away”. Duthie also spent a day at Steve Mason’s (The Beta Band / King Biscuit Time / Black Affair) KronK Studio in Fife with the aim of improving the overall production of his work.

“Multimedia Monster” is available on CD and via digital download, the track-listing is as follows:

1. A Simpler Time
2. The Curse of the Broken Metal Sword (56k Modems)
3. Digital Virus
4. Red Eyes and Drawn Blinds
5. I Luv U Social Networking
6. A Cynical Mind
7. Deirdre Van Garcia Berg
8. Information Overload (WTF)
9. Gradual Freedom
10. The Music Artist

About Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie is a 26 year old music artist from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Duthie has lived in Aberdeenshire his whole life and spent many summers staying with his grandparents on the Buchan coast. Despite travelling to North America, Africa and all over Europe, Duthie has always had an affinity towards his home region and used it as a key inspiration for his debut album “Shire and City” which was released in July 2012. Duthie’s musical style would probably be classed as “alternative” but he prefers to not abide by the standard musical genres and his musical ideas come from a huge variety of inspirations and sounds. Duthie’s driven and ambitious personality is evident and he is always looking to improve the quality, breadth and production of his work.

“The variations across Shire and City do well to display Duthie’s phenomenal talent and the listener can’t help but appreciate his dedication and hard work. Anybody who loves music should check this album out straight away, from this fantastic and genuinely creative musician, something that sadly is sometimes lost in the money grabbing, image obsessed music industry today.”

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