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Born in the cultural hub of Malaysia, from an early age, Khylune displayed a deep fascination and curiosity toward the western performing culture; more precisely, everything coming out of Hollywood. For hours he would sit in his room watching endless rounds of movies and listening to his little radio and wondering what the reality would be like by comparison to his perceived notion of the entertainment Mecca. Combining his paltry savings and some borrowed money, he decided to embark on an adventure to fly 16 hours to this land of promise.

It was every bit as exciting as his perceived notion; the land of hope and glory. Unlimited pop soda refills at fast food outlets, drop some coins in a vending machine and a whole pile of newspapers are for the taking, Zebra crossings where one can cross the road without being knocked down and an endless list of surprises. It was one incredible discovery after another for him. Perhaps this is paradise on earth?

It was the late eighties and everything was roaring and surging ahead. This is the place where everyone aspired to be. His excitement was short lived when his funds very quickly ran out and he could not find work. As luck would have it, he met an elderly couple who took him in and who later became his foster parents. As it turns out, his foster dad was Arthur Mogull, A&R executive extraordinaire who worked for nearly every major pop music label, including Warner Bros., Capital Records, and MCA, and in the 1970s he was president and then owner of United Artists Records. His impressive discovery among others, Bob Dylan, Laura Nyro, Bill Cosby, Olivia Newton-John, Wilson Phillips, and Hootie and the Blowfish.

Khy was unflustered with his situation back then as he was not fully aware of how important the people he was with in the music business. He remembered one day sitting in the lounge listening to and picking a song with his foster dad which later turn out to be Wilson Philip’s number one single in the US chart in the mid ‘90s; the song titled Hold On.

Fast forward to the present, after many years living in the UK, Khylune has taken the decision to spend a greater portion of his time in South East Asia over the next few years. Honing his art as a songwriter and utilizing his experiences from his unorthodox background Khy has come up with this new song, “Made In China” to highlight how much times have changed after all these years

The America as he knew is now the benefactor of many things foreign especially China. How things have reversed. With the roaring economy and population explosion in Asia, it is inevitable the West is now paying close attention in that direction including music. K pop is on fire all over Asia and China has finally opened up its doors to music reality shows, formatted to suit the population of more than 1.3 billi

In 2011 Khylune auditioned for the 16 time grammy winner David Foster’s Born To Sing Competition and was selected as one of three contestants to perform on stage at the David Foster and Friends concert in Malaysia, one of six participating countries in Asia. Khy has finally decided to step forward to push his boundaries to newer heights.

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