Linda Lundqvist

Linda Lundqvist

Linda Lundqvist

Linda Lundqvist


Country, Americana, Adult Contemporary


Billberg Entertainment

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Linda Lundqvist is a joyful singer and guitarist from Sweden.

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With true happiness and countless public gigs so has she for almost 20 years engaging her audience, her tone on stage is full of energy and compassion. She did her musical training in Malmo Sweden and with studies of the side of capable guitar teachers. Linda started freelancing immediately both in Sweden and abroad, constantly finding new ideas and new fans..

Humor, singing, country tones, pop and theatrical elements mixed in along the way. As a little girl in the city of Lund in Sweden was she fascinated by the music scene and she had to keep up with a speaker cabinet when her father played up to dance and at the side played music with a band called Beautiful Beans and Angels, These are two active duos that Linda is part of, both appeared on the same record as Mika, Timbaland, Ale Möller and Swedish reggae star Peps Persson where Linda sang on his album. As lead singer in Sing Train is Linda warmly appreciated by its audience and drew high numbers of people to parks and cities throughout the previous summer along wither band. It’s wonderful to sing together, says Linda who have fans in all ages singing along.

Beside her musicianship, she has always inspired children and young people, both through Music Theatre productions like sister Sun that was broadcasted on national Tv and she have worked as a Music / Theatre teacher. She have released two children books: Sisters clockwise journey on Earth and the Rhythmic songs.

. – Young people are our future and I,m alive among them, they give us hope and knowledge of tomorrow., says Linda Linda has. Participated in the Baltic Song Contest, The Malmo Festival, Studio Recordings, Radio, Television, For the company IKEA, Events at the Hilton, Örenäs Castle, The Hippodrome, Shipping companies, Church concerts. She does 100-120 gigs per year. On stage Linda delivers and always gives 110% and her clear voice and presence dazzle the crowd.

– There are a plethora of fine musicians to work with here in southern Sweden, and it is wonderful to be able to spice things up sometimes, With a spicy Violinist, or 1 cup blues drummer, 2 tsp jazz pianist or a Chilean Guitar Virtuoso, depending on your taste and what notes offers. It’s damned one Grace to work with these peoples musical expressions, she says.

Linda is currently recording her new album with original material in the genre of Country/Country pop, to be released world wide in June 2013 and first out are two brand new singles.

The Best In Me / Which was reviewed with the following text. What a divine voice Linda has, the best in me is sung with such hope, passion and soul induced feeling. A lovely arrangement and powerful song that reaches right into you and certainly leaves a wonderful feeling and great to hear such a well crafted song and stellar production. Those change ups really add to the the songs dynamic quality and give it that extra touch to leave a deep impression, wonderful vocals, sweet instrumentation and musicianship

Parallel to this so are a second single released at the same time in april 2013 with the name Today’s the day that is a joyful country tune with a lot of positive vibes and energy

Linda is ready to take on the world with her soulful artistry and energising performances

Look at for the coming releases in April and June 2013

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