Madonna University’s Multi-Award Winning Capstone Film Class Premieres Five Short Films, Music Videos and Commercials Predominantly Filmed in the City of Detroit at The Masonic Temple

Join Madonna University’s Capstone Film Class for Red Carpet Premiere and After Party at The Scottish Rite Theater at Detroit’s Masonic Temple on Friday, December 20th, 2013. The Multi-Award winning class will showcase their five Short Films: The Itch, Skye, The Hunting of The Jackalope, A Dark Roast and Forever Saturday – following over a two dozen Music Videos and Commercials they’ve created together over the past two years.

Detroit, MI – Michigan film students from Madonna University’s Broadcast and Cinema Arts program – Capstone Film Class host a red carpet premiere and after party to celebrate over a dozen music videos, commercials and five short films at The Masonic Temple’s Scottish Rite Theater on December 20th.
The Hunting of the Jackalope Actors Jocelyn Cutean and Derek Ridge Slated

The majority of the projects were filmed in Detroit, the students taking a concept through production with focus on highlighting the beauty of the city – including The Masonic Temple, where students filmed music video (Jiva, The Fabulous Miss Wendy) and commercial (Detroit Derby Girls) projects.

“The Masonic Temple is proud to support these young filmmakers of Capstone,” said Steve Genther, General Manager of The Masonic Temple. “We’ve had a front row seat to these students passion for filmmaking and their love and respect of Detroit growing under Jennifer’s direction these past three years – that has been reward in itself.”

“The dream for most young filmmakers is to move to Hollywood or New York and yet they have not filmed outside of the suburbs,” said Jennifer Champagne, Capstone Professor. “Detroit is an incredible canvas to get real-world experience and we’ve been fortunate to have had the support of so many Detroiters these past three years. It’s been an incredible-ride and we’re excited to celebrate at our beloved Masonic Temple.”

The crown jewel of the students evening are the five short films (The Itch, Skye, The Hunting of The Jackalope, A Dark Roast and Forever Saturday), which the class trains for a better part of a year filming music videos and commercials to learn filmmaking techniques.

“We’ve been really lucky to shoot at such prominent Detroit locations like The Masonic

Setting the Scene with Dark Roast Actors Tony Sanchez and Andrea Walker

Temple, DSO’s Max Fischer Theater, Broderick Tower, Town Pump, Northern Lights, Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, Belle Isle,” said Lauren Mora, Capstone Producer and Location Manager. “Detroiters have opened their doors for us, like The Bottom Line Coffee House and have gone out of their way to help us secure additional space, parking or load-in areas for basecamp. To have access to such incredible backdrops for our projects at this age has impacted us all.”

Over the past two years, Capstone 2012 and 2013 have filmed over 30 projects.  Commercials (many of which are airing) for Passport Pizza, Luigi’s Pizza Cafe, Livonia Bakery, PROCAM, BLT Sportswear and Apparel, The Detroit Derby Girls, Hiller’s Market, Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, Town Pump Tavern, Fireball Whiskey, Gumro and Associates, Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Tequila Cabresto, Zino’s Pizza & Subs as well as Music Videos for musicians such as Ty Stone, The Infatuations, Paulina Jayne, The Mike Leslie Band, Motor Honey, Kaleido, Jiva, The Ruiners, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Annabelle Road and The Hard Lessons.

Capstone’s recently premiered music video “Yesterday” for Detroit-band The Infatuations was filmed at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Max M. Fisher Music Center.

“Capstone’s talent is only dwarfed by their high level of professionalism. These students have made such a positive impact on the Detroit music community,” said Christian Draheim, The Infatuations. “The period of classes between 2011 – 2013 has made its mark in Detroit music history – legendary.”

Come celebrate these future Michigan filmmakers accomplishments on Friday, December 20th at The Masonic Temple’s Scottish Rite Theater with Red Carpet and After Party to follow.

Madonna University’s Capstone Film Class Red Carpet Premiere:

 The Masonic Temple

500 Temple Street

Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 832-7100

Paid parking available in Masonic lot.

6:00pm  Doors Open / Red Carpet

7:30pm  Premiere Showcase Begins

9:30pm  After Party Begins

All ages welcome.


$10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Proceeds from tickets sales support the students film festival costs throughout the next year.


About Capstone Film Class at Madonna University:

Madonna University’s Capstone Film Class, a year-long class in the Broadcast and Cinema Arts program, in which students write, produce, shoot and edit their own projects.

 Since 2011 Capstone has been taught by award winning producer, Jennifer Champagne. Jennifer has spent the last 18 years producing projects in Hollywood. She has used her resources and called upon industry relationships to mentor each student within the class.
 “The idea behind this film class is to have the students create, produce, direct and crew a complete real film to Hollywood standards, so when they graduate they’re right at home with the methods and procedures used in our industry and can hit the ground running,”  said Chuck Derry, Director of Broadcast and Cinema Arts. “It’s an awesome and tremendously demanding experience for our Broadcast and Cinema Arts Majors and I’m proud to say they’re meeting the challenge.”

Jennifer guided her 2011 students to three Student Emmy Nominations, one 2012 Student Emmy Award and a 2012 Detroit Music Award Nomination, a first in the five year history of the Capstone Film Class. The 2012 class won a 2013 Detroit Music Award and three 2013 Student Emmy Awards out of nine nominations. Between the classes of 2012 and 2013 the students have filmed over 30 projects consisting of music videos, commercials and short films. Capstone 2013’s award season starts in January 2014.

About the Short Films:

The Itch:

 Love lasts ages, until we forget about it. But sometimes, something reminds us.

“Madonna’s Capstone Film Class was one of the best experiences I’ve had on set – they’re professional and enthusiastic, and produce amazing work.” said Ashley Croft, Actor – The Itch.

 Capstone 2012 project – The Itch was filmed right in the center of downtown Plymouth’s Kellogg Park and Finder’s Keepers store.


Lost in the dark, a lonely Skye searches for something she once had, but lost.

‘It was such a pleasure working with Capstone. I was blown away by the level of professionalism and passion for the industry that these kids had,” said Amber Whelan, Actor – Skye. “Each one of them and anyone affiliated with this group is going to be a driving force in the film industry to come.”

Capstone 2012 project – Skye was filmed at Dearborn Music and Ford Field.

Dark Roast:

It’s a typical day at the Bottom Line Coffeehouse. A man falls hard for a beautiful stranger while two dangerous escapees wreak havoc in the backroom. Okay, maybe it’s not such a typical day after all.

“This was my second opportunity to work with the Capstone film class. I’ve never seen such a large group of students and professionals work so hard and collaborate so well ,” said Andrea Walker, Actor – Dark Roast. “In fact, it was difficult to distinguish the difference between the two! Everyone was so welcoming and communicative that it’s no surprise such quality productions result from their efforts. I’m excited to see where each student’s talents take them in the future!”

 Capstone 2013 project – A Dark Roast was filmed at The Bottom Line Coffee House in Detroit.

The Hunting of the Jackalope:

Becoming infatuated with a local coffee shop’s barista, mysteriously labeled as “The Jackalope,” and endlessly hanging out at their coffee shop, The Bottom Line Coffee House, isn’t the typical way to attract women, but to Clyde, a frequent The Bottom Line Coffee House customer, it’s the only solution to his infatuation with her.

“Working with Capstone has been such a joy from beginning to end. This group of people are dedicated, passionate, and wildly professional,” said Jocelyn Elyssa Cutean, Actor – The Hunting of the Jackalope. “I have loved working alongside such talented and driven people!”

 Capstone 2013 project – The Hunting of The Jackalope was also filmed at The Bottom Line Coffee House in Detroit.

Forever Saturday:

Within a week a naive young woman discovers how big things happen in the small town she once called home. As the urge to live her life without hesitation burns so deeply within her, Jessie overlooks the details that may end up viciously robbing her of more than just a good time.

“It’s not often that you have the opportunity to work with truly dedicated and creative students with such a high level of professionalism,” said Luna Alexander, Actor – Forever Saturday. “I’d have to attribute that high standard to Jennifer Champagne – she’s got a real knack for pulling real quality out of every single person in the room.”

Capstone 2013 project – Forever Saturday was filmed at private residence, and also at The Bottom Line Coffee House.

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