North American Goth and Industrial Music Festival

After a three (3) year hiatus, the largest North American Goth and Industrial Music Festival, The Triton Festival, has been brought back by popular demand… yes, it is a shame that the North American music and concert scene hasn’t had these genres of music to celebrate, but Vampirefreaks support and it’s over 1.7 million community strong membership made it possible.

Vampirefreaks (VF) is proud to announce the return of Goth / Industrial music event Triton Festival and is excited to be bringing bands from all over the world including Grendel (Netherlands), Nachtmahr (Austria), Faderhead (Germany), Modulate (UK) back to the United States after long absences.  Triton Festival is the largest Gothic-Industrial festival in the United States and brings in attendees from all over North America and Europe.  This will be the 2nd festival installment after the highly successful and much talked about original Triton Festival in 2010.

VF will be presenting 21 bands along with DJ’s, fashion, art and dark aesthetic vendors to New York for three days of celebrating Gothic and Industrial music culture from September 5th through Saturday September 7th.

Founder, DJ, promoter and programmer of VF, Jet, was very clear when he made the decision to commit to supporting Triton. “It’s long overdue. North America needs to support Goth and Industrial music!  We have huge gothic festivals in Europe and we believe we can replicate the success in the US.” With over 12,500 band profiles, hundreds of active cult groups and over 1.7 million passionate members, is the #1 Gothic-Industrial website in the world, functioning as a social network that is a dark alternative to Facebook and other mainstream social networks.  Through its massive member-base, extensive relationships with top Gothic-Industrial bands, ongoing NYC concerts, club-nights, and online clothing store, VF has become the worldwide expert in Gothic-Industrial music.

Headlining Goth and Industrial acts for the Triton Festival will include:

The Birthday Massacre (Toronto, Canada)

Combichrist (Norway)

London After Midnight (Los Angeles)

The Cruxshadows (Florida)

Grendel (Netherlands)

Assemblage 23 (Seattle)

Faderhead (Germany)

The Dreaming (Los Angeles)

Psyclon Nine (Los Angeles)

Modulate (United Kingdom)

Nachtmahr (Austria)

To learn more about Triton Festival, visit the links below:

About VF was founded in 1999 by software engineer and computer programmer, Jet Berelson. His original idea was simply to create a cool, safe place for Goth’s of all kinds to interact with each other without judgment by “normals” and society at large. By adding profiles of over 12,500 musicians and bands, VF created a solid foundation to build users and supporters of the site to over 1.7 million active people today. The VF community now offers a wide array of dark Gothic clothing, gifts, toys and accessories to satisfy the fashion, make-up and cultural and lifestyle oriented needs of its fan base and members. VF is revamping its user experience and adding state of the art mobile applications to help its fans reach each other about the things that matter most, music, art, fashion and Goth culture.

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Click To Submit Press Releases, News, Calendar Items, and Community Events to mediaBrew radio stations WFXD, WKQS, WRUP, GTO, Fox Sport Marquette, and The Gift 106

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