Steve Roach and Little Rain

Steve Roach and Little Rain Biography:

Steve Roach and Little Rain is the brainchild of singer songwriter and guitar player, Steve Roach, who writes the bands originals. Formed six years ago the band has had several line- up changes, although most of the current members have played with Steve for a while now.

Little Rain has just released their second album “A Long Time Coming” following the successful “The Revelation” which saw the band get signed to USA record company Musik and Film.

Steve is a late comer to music, coming from a professional sporting background, but makes up for it by being a prolific and insightful songwriter. Picking up the guitar for the first time 10 years ago, Steve has spent the last 7 years, writing and performing around Australia and has become a fixture in Melbourne’s alternative music scene. He formed Little Rain around six years ago as a vehicle for his original songs.

Guitarist Adam Roach on lead guitar is one of the best players to come out of Melbourne. Having played in bands all over the world, including tours of the USA and Asia with his hard rock band Eclipse in the 90’s. His current shows are popular all over Australia and Asia and although he has played on and off with the band since its inception, he is now a fully fledged member. Adam and Steve are cousins.

Multi- instrumentalist Christopher Sprake plays guitar, keys, percussion and drums and also co-produced the bands two albums. Chris has toured the USA, Canada and Europe with his indie outfit Autumn Sails. He is also the principal of Last Match Recording Studios. He has composed scores for short and feature length film productions, and as a producer he has been involved in a variety of projects, from simple demos and community projects to internationally released albums and movie soundtracks, mixing, mastering.

Tamworth legend Marcy Taylor plays some of the sweetest (& also meanest) fiddle in the country. Four time Golden Fiddle Winner as the best player in Australia Marcy is classically trained in Europe at the Czech Republic Conservatorium Of Music and has played in orchestras in Europe and Australia, but is best known as an award winning fiddle player of country and gypsy music in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Journeyman bassist Mark Nolasco and talented and eclectic drummer Matt Laing keep it all in a line for us.

Mark has been a long-time collaborator of Adam and Steve’s and with a heavy metal back ground offers a harder edge to the sound.

Matt was an original member of the band and helped to develop the direction and sound before having time off 4 years ago to make films in the West Indies and India. He has played supporting Sonia Dada and in cult band Donk in Australia. He came back for this album and we are glad he did.

Richard de Kleyn is on Piano and his eclectic playing comes from working as a cultural and community worker, using music to help the underprivileged, asylum seekers and varied cultural/ethnic groups in government housing estates. Playing music with people of so many cultural and ethnic backgrounds has given Richard his eclectic style.

Kristy Mellish, Ebony Roach and Sarah Clarke sing backing vocals.

Sarah has performed all over the world, including Disney Worlds in USA and Japan, she is a regular face and voice on television and stage throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and her big voice has been a great addition to the band.

Ebony is Adam’s teen age daughter who has been in tow whilst her dad has toured the world and performed from an early age. A great talent.

Kristy , Adam’s sister, has been singing since she was young and has worked in bands and duos with Adam for many years all over Australia. She has a big voice and personality which comes through in her singing.

Playing an eclectic mix of Rock, Alt-Country, Blues, Folk and Americana they always make you feel you’re hearing something new, but familiar at the same time.

Salvation music and lyrics written by Steve Roach

Steve Roach: Vocals. Acoustic Guitar.

Marcy Taylor: Violin.

Adam Roach: Lead Guitar. Electric Guitar. Nylon String Guitar. Backing Vocals.

Mark Nolasco: Bass

Matt Laing: Drums

Richard de Kleyn: Piano. Keyboard.

Christopher Sprake: Congas. Drums. Percussion. Piano. Keyboards. Organ. Synth.

Kristy Mellish. Backing Vocals

Ebony Roach. Backing Vocals

Sarah Clarke. Backing Vocals.

Produced by Christopher Sprake and Steve Roach

Recorded and Engineered by Christopher Sprake at Last Match Recording Studios Melbourne Australia.

Mastered at Last Match Recording Studios Melbourne Australia

Cover Aerial Photography by Kathryn Wilkins.

Cover Design and Graphics by Matt Laing

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