Peruvian Health Secrets Revealed!

In Peruvian Power Foods: 18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes (HCI Books, October 16, 2013; ISBN: 978-0-75731-722-4; $18.95; Trade Paperback Original), nationally-renowned registered dietitian Manuel Villacorta, with Jamie Shaw and a Foreword by Gastón Acurio, celebrates 18 of the world’s greatest superfoods—all of which hail from Peru:

• Manuel Villacorta is an award-winning dietitian with more than 16 years of experience. He is also the author of Eating Free and a contributor for the Huffington Post, Univision, and Fox News Latino;

• Manuel traveled back to his homeland of Peru to experience these foods in their natural environment;

• Manuel took over 2,000 photos of foods throughout Peru—growing in the wild, from jungles to farms, and showcased in delicious dishes—and created over 100 recipes for the book;

• While in Peru, Villacorta spoke with chefs, fishermen, farmers, food bloggers, as well as everyday people across the country to learn how they use these ingredients traditionally;

• Peruvian Power Foods highlights 18 superfoods, revealing unknown marvels such as the pichuberry, purple potatoes, and aji, explaining the specific health properties of each and why they are all anti-aging agents;

• Because these foods have long been hidden in the Amazonian jungles and Andinian valleys and highlands, the myriad of health benefits they provide are only now beginning to be understood;

• Every one of the 101 recipes can be completed in less than six steps, making them quick and easy; and

• The book features a Foreword by Gastón Acurio, internationally-renowned chef, author, and restaurateur.

A Full-Color Mouthwatering Celebration Of The
Health-Transforming Culinary Treasures Native To Peru

Peruvian Power Foods:
18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes and Anti-aging Secrets
from the Amazon to the Andes

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD
and Jamie Shaw
Foreword by Chef Gastón Acurio

Deerfield Beach, FL, October 17, 2013 – Eating healthy no longer means a low-fat, low-cal frozen dinner with a protein-powder shake and side of supplements. Today’s health-conscious eaters are increasingly turning away from artificial and processed quick-fixes and back to nature’s bounty of power foods. When it comes to all-natural superfoods—hardworking functional foods that far surpass basic nutritional content—one of the richest sources on the planet is Peru. Everyone from Frommer’s to CNN’s Anthony Bourdain agree that the country is now one of the most talked about places for culinary treats.

In his new book, Peruvian Power Foods: 18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes (HCI Books; October 16, 2013; ISBN: 978-1-75731-722-4; $18.95 Trade Paperback Original), author Manuel Villacorta MS, RD, internationally-renowned nutritionist and wellness expert, with coauthor Jamie Shaw and a Foreword by international celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur Gastón Acurio, shares the fruits of his labor of love. Returning to his birthplace and culinary roots, Villacorta set out on a cross-country adventure to discover the origins of and best uses for the most incredibly potent foods. Armed with the latest scientific research and a hearty appetite, he traveled from the fertile farmlands of the Andes, where over 3,000 kinds of potatoes and 200 species of corn are grown, to the depths of the Amazonian jungle, where thousands of amazing fruits, nuts and seeds originate. Along the way, he visited open markets, restaurants, humble food stands, and family kitchens, stopping to gather the stories and favorite recipes of local chefs, food bloggers, farmers, fishermen, and abuelitas. In between savoring dishes packed with phenomenal disease-fighting, immunity strengthening ingredients, he took over 2,000 photographs of stunning landscapes and delicious masterpieces.

“Because these foods have long been hidden deep in the Amazonian jungles and Andinian valleys, we are only beginning to understand their profound health benefits,” Villacorta attests. “What we can unequivocally say is that they are proving to surpass even the wildest expectations of their potential healing properties.”

In vibrant color and eye-opening detail, Peruvian Power Foods introduces 18 incredible edibles—all native to Peru but now widely available across America—showcased in 101 recipes, ranging from simple smoothies, snacks, and salads to hearty entrees to irresistible desserts, plus coffee drinks and cocktails. The superstars include:

• Pichuberry, possibly the earth’s greatest superfruit. Rich in vitamins and heart-healthy fatty acids, with a remarkably low glycemic index, the pichuberry also contains withanolides, a rare but special group of antioxidants that have been shown to suppress cancer-causing agents. With a unique flavor profile that enhances both savory and sweet dishes, this superfruit shines in recipes from Pichuberry Salsa to Quinoa Pichuberry Salad to Pichuberry Strawberry Galette;

• Camu Camu, one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C—packing more than 60 times per serving than the almighty orange. This tropical fruit works wonders to boost immunity and brain power, maintain healthy eyes and glowing skin, and more. Enjoy its health benefits in sweet treats like Mango Camu Frozen Yogurt, the decadent Camu Coco Truffle, or a spirited summer sipper, the Camu Pineapple Pisco;

• Sacha Inchi, a fantastic source of heart- and brain-healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and one of the most powerful inflammation fighters ever discovered. A seed, it can be pressed to produce an antioxidant-rich oil to kick up salads (try Zesty Sacha Inchi Cilantro Dressing), White Bean Hummus, and the traditional Peruvian potato-layered Veggie Causa. Or, it can be used whole for a morning energy-booster in Sacha Inchi Seed and Kiwicha Granola; plus

• Maca, a natural energizer prized for boosting libido (and irresistible in Maca Fudge Brownies), Lucuma, an anti-inflammatory fruit which may help control diabetes (and luscious in Lucuma Café con Leche), Kiwicha (also known as amaranth), a protein-packed wonder grain (which makes a great gluten-free, kid-friendly option for coating Kiwicha Chicken Nuggets); and more, from Aji to Purple Corn to Yacon.

With Peruvian Power Foods to tantalize and inspire home cooks, eating super-healthy is exciting and immensely satisfying.

About the Author:

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, is a nationally recognized, award-winning registered dietitian with more than 16 years of experience. The author of Eating Free and the founder of Eating Free, an international weight management and wellness program, he is a trusted voice in the health and wellness industry. A national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics from 2010-2013, he is also a health blog contributor for The Huffington Post and an on-air contributor for the Univision and Fox News Latino. He is the owner of a San Francisco-based private practice, MV Nutrition, and the recipient of five “Best Bay Area Nutritionist” awards from the San Francisco Chronicle, ABC7, and Citysearch. Born and raised in Peru, he lives in San Francisco. His coauthor, Jamie Shaw is a writer and brand expert who specializes in food.

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