International Summit In Europe Dedicated To Robotics 19 – 21 March 2013

Innorobo is the unique international summit dedicated to service robotics. In only two years it has become the reference for robotics and innovation in Europe. Innorobo 2013 will take place from Tuesday, the 19th to Thursday the 21st of March 2013 in the Congress Center of the Cité Internationale in Lyon.

Innorobo showcases service robotics in all its diversity and ecosystem (start-ups, international groups, research labs, training/education, project holders…)

Innorobo is open to professionals from all sectors of activity whether from the field of robotics or from any other industry such as

  • medical and health                                                    – institutions
  • logistics and transportation                                       – education
  • home appliances                                                       – leisure, and so on….
  • agriculture and breeding

Robotics is not only a vertical industry but also a transversal dynamic, converging with many other domains. Innorobo offers non-robotics companies the possibility of exploring and integrating robotics technologies into their strategies, of discovering new growth perspectives to undertake new markets. Through its action, Innorobo takes part in the emergence and development of service robotics and collaborates to increase business and competitiveness of other sectors.

Alongside the exhibition hall where robots and latest technology breakthroughs are showcased, Innorobo organizes, in partnership with Thesame Innovation and Cap’Tronic, a cycle of high end conferences (EMM Robotics) offering a source of inspiration and information and giving the opportunity to meet and discuss with established experts and visionaries from around the globe.

Robotics technologies and solutions are already part of our daily environment (professional and personal), and will become more and more prevalent without us even knowing it. What are they? Should we be afraid of them or welcome them?


In order to offer the general public the opportunity of making up its own mind, satisfy its curiosity and raise awareness in Robots, Innorobo, whilst a professional event,  will welcome the general public on Wednesday the 20th of March afternoon from 3.00 to 8.00 pm.


  • 104 exhibitors / 12 different nationalities
  • 12,000 (+20% compared to 2011) professional visitors, whether innovation directors, product development executives, strategy decision makers, investors, or international organizations’ representatives.
  • Visitors came from 34 different countries
  • 13,000 unique web visitors of 111 different nationalities over the 3 days.
  • Media: 150 registered journalists representing 15 countries
  • Prestigious partners entering the robotic ecosystem
  • 21 international renowned experts / 700 congressmen over 3 days



– A larger presence of the various fields of robotics applications in the following sectors:

Professional Service Robotics:

  • Exploration and intervention robots              –  Medical and Health robots
  • Logistic robotics solutions                             –  Security and surveillance robots
  • Agricultural robots                                         –  Autonomous robots in the cities…

Personal Service robotics:

  • Smart houses                                                – Tasks robots
  • Outdoor robots                                              – Connected objects
  • Security and Telepresence robots …

– Informative and inspiring Conferences to spread knowledge and share experiences with International experts and visionaries from renowned labs, universities and companies.

2 cycles of conferences are available:


– A Call for Robotics Start-Ups has been launched. An investors’ panel will select the most promising start-ups in robotics at Innorobo and finalists will claim the stage on Tuesday the 19th of March in front of a highly qualified audience.

– An interactive experience will take place in collaboration with LIE – Laboratoire de l’Inquiétante Etrangeté ( and with ENSATT ( to question our relationship to robots from a cultural perspective.

– A business convention center is dedicated to Innorobo attendees.This online meeting business module offers specific workshops to attend to, and enables all participants to initiate first contacts and make appointments (business, interviews, dedicated demos…). It encourages the emergence of new partnerships and initiatives.

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Click To Submit Press Releases, News, Calendar Items, and Community Events to mediaBrew radio stations WFXD, WKQS, WRUP, GTO, Fox Sport Marquette, and The Gift 106
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