Tag: Flat Tire

Today has been one of those days!!!!

OMG, I will pass on ever having a day like this ever again! started out this morning feeling sick and tired and not knowing if I was gonna even make it into work today. However I promised Bill I would pick him up cause he was having work done on his car this morning. On my way to pick him up I get a flat tire. Where the tire actually came off of the rim as I was on my way there. Call Bill and tell him this and he sends them over from POMP’s to help me. Did I mention I was still in my jammies 🙁 they help me out and get me going, but I figure I should have the other tires checked too while I’m there. So I leave there and proceed with my day…not feeling good by the way…Only to have now lost my keys for my apartment!!!! UGH!!!!


Keys have been found in my friends car who drove me to get my car…