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Skronat in the studio! Courtesy of Redfella Records…

Hopefully you were able to listen when I had Skronat and Andrew Lorinser, from Redfella Records in the studio the other day. I will tell you that they are a group of highly talented guys! We played 2 songs from them when we had them in “She gets me high” and “Doesn’t even make sense” both songs were great to listen to, leaving me wanting to hear more from them. I look forward to hearing what this 4 piece group will come up with in the future. Skronat was signed by Redfella Records for a recording contract, a first for both the group and Redfella.

Skronat has been described as “Sublime on steroids meets Foo Fighters, with a dash of Sly and the Family Stone” their fans have coined a new genre dedicated to the bands dirty rock style “Throb-Rock”. To find out more about Skronat check out their website at www.skronat.com

Skronat consists of Cameron Leedle on guitar,Dennis Farney on drums,Dennis “Bud” Clowers on bass guitar, and Steve Gustafson on guitar and vocals, of course as always thank you Andrew Lorinser, from Redfella Records for bringing me in yet another great band to share with our listeners at Sunny 101.9