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SUGARLAND has released an emotional video for their song “Keep You,” and the tune’s production was actually inspired by the duo’s smash hit “Stay.” Sugarland’s KRISTIAN BUSH says, quote, “Less is more…Your brain can only handle and really understand a singer singing a lyric, an instrument…and maybe some rhythm.” This simple approach really helps get the song’s message across. Kristian says, quote, “In this case, it’s the place…where your soul finds itself in crisis, where you become detached from yourself, It’s a pretty scary place.”  “Keep You” is included on Sugarland’s latest album Love on the Inside, which recently joined their first two projects in hitting the double-platinum sales mark. CLICK HERE to check out the New Video.

Sheriff: Balloon Boy Hoax May Have Conspirators


Investigators say they want to question an associate of Richard Heene after e-mails surfaced showing the two had discussed a balloon hoax months ago as part of a public relations campaign for a reality TV show.

Investigators said they want to interview Robert Thomas, a Denver man who claimed Heene had told him he was planning a media stunt to promote a proposed reality show. Thomas, a self-described researcher, sold his story to and provided the Web site with e-mail exchanges between him and Heene. Thomas said the show would feature Heene as a mad scientist who carries out various scientific experiments.

“This will be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947, and the result will be a dramatic increase in local and national awareness about The Heene Family, our Reality Series, as well as the UFO Phenomenon in general,” according to a copy of the show’s proposal provided to the site by Thomas. editor-in-chief Gabriel Snyder confirmed the New York-based Web site paid Thomas, but declined to say how much for the story billed with the headline: “Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax.”

Snyder said Thomas was planning to meet with investigators Sunday night, though sheriff’s officials did not return messages seeking confirmation.

Messages left for Thomas by The Associated Press were not returned.

Thomas, 25, said in his story that the plan he knew about did not involve Heene’s children.

The alleged stunt temporarily shut down Denver International Airport, and the National Guard provided two helicopters in an attempt to rescue 6-year-old Falcon Heene, who was believed to be inside the flying-saucer shaped homemade balloon that hurtled more than 50 miles across two counties.

The drama played out on live television to millions of viewers worldwide. When the balloon landed without the boy, officials thought he had fallen out and began the grim search for his body.



In this Caitlin & Will exclusive, watch this Can You Duet winning duo perform “I’m Not Who You Think I Am,” Click on the Picture to see the video, as well as interviews and photos from their live performance from

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