Dustin Walker

Dustin Walker

Dustin Walker

Dustin Walker

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Dustin Walker has known Rick Springfield since he was 3 years old. Dustin has taken the stage with Rick many times recently and has just released his first EP “Between The Lines”

What the pros have to say about Dustin

Ronnie Grinel (Tour & Production Coordinator / Rick Springfield)

“Dustin Walker was only 3 years old, holding a toy guitar in one hand, and holding on to his Father, a long time Rick Springfield supporter, with the other. I spotted him in the audience, and threw him up on stage to help Rick sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. At 3 years old he brought down the house. Dustin has spent the last 13 years becoming an accomplished singing, song writing guitar player, and has recently performed live with Rick Springfield, and a number of other national acts. He is presently putting the finishing touches on his soon to be released CD, and from what we have heard, will be a huge musical force for decades to come. Stay tuned for this one folks!”

Matt Bissonette (Bassist w/ Elton John)

“I met Dustin many years ago and I could tell then that he was a very driven young man. He was determined to rock and when he came on stage with us with Rick Springfield he made us all play better. I see blue skies in his future.”

Rick Brewer (Zoot, The Motivators, The Ferrets, Cameron Mitchell Band)

“Dustin Walker is a young man I greatly admire. I think his incredible talent will see him as one of the next big USA exports–love your work mate!”

Ron Higgins “Rowdy Ron” (TV and Radio personality)

“Dustin Walker is the future of rock!! After having him on my radio show, playing his music & getting to hang with him on a couple of occasions….I can say that this 16 year old talent is the real deal!”

Glenn Symmonds (Long time drummer w/ Eddie Money)

“Dustin Walker is a young man with a heart for rock & roll. He’s the kid who’s dreamed of being a star since as far back as he can remember. The difference between Dustin and every other American teenager… is that he has the natural talent and raw energy to pull if off!”

Joe Taylor (Musician / Songwriter / Solo Artist)

“Dustin’s guitar playing has a classic rock vibe mixed with a current alternative sound that cuts through the audience like a knife. He is an up-and-coming star who needs to be put on your radar.”

Jesse Macht (Musician / Songwriter / Solo Artist)

“Dustin’s energy and passion for performance bursts through his music and I’m very excited to see what’s on the horizon for him.”

Chris Grove (Keyboardist w/ Eddie Money)

“Dustin is a wonderful new artist whose possibilities are endless. Great songwriting and structure filled with passion.”

Alan Hunter Sirrus Radio

Alan Hunter Sirrus Radio

“Dustin’s friendship, since he was a little pup, with Rick Springfield  has been an obvious inspiration and you can hear Rick’s mentoring influence in this first release. He’s got a knack for crafting a swell little pop rocker here and the potential to give Bieber

Dustin Walker & Rick Springfield

Dustin Walker & Rick Springfield

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